Vegas’ Playoff Hopes Will Go On

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  1. I’m just not seeing it in Mitts, but hell I was wrong about Tage. Would love to get proven wrong

  2. Mitts was better than Tage in the pre-season, and the Sabres players keep saying Mitts is due for a big jump. I could see it.

  3. Don't think these guys know anything but I would be okay with Butcher, I think Buffalo is turning Rasmus into the biggest bust of the draft and he was caught on that sinking ship

  4. I'm a Sabres fan as well as the Wings. Dahlin struggled at the start of the season, which is incidentally when he was playing with Butcher. By the end of the season, though, Dahlin was the best and most consistent Sabre on the ice pretty much every game, so I wouldn't write him off. But you're definitely still right that Butcher has more potential than what we saw with the Sabres. He'd be a fine 6-7 D, as the article suggested.

  5. He’s kinda played better in Buffalo then Rochester

  6. This is in part because Buffalo's team defense is a lot better than Rochester's. Offensive plays are easier to predict when you can trust the team in front of you.

  7. I just don't see there being that much interest in him. Maybe a team gives up a mid to late round pick for him at most.

  8. I could see a second rounder dealt for his rights, given a good indication that he'll be able to recover from covid. I lived through the Ristolainen trade so I try not to underestimate trade interest for RHD.

  9. 2nd rounder is a fevered dream, nobody is getting rid of a 2nd for the rights to sign him.

  10. I should have said "a second rounder at most, if there is a multiple team bidding war, but most likely tops out at a third"

  11. I wouldn’t worry about Von wearing a Colorado jersey. I’m sure he’ll support the Sabres and Buffalo MORE than enough.

  12. It's also just a very nice looking jersey so I support it

  13. Too much term, even if 50% salary is retained by the Panthers

  14. I'm actually very sick of people believing Russia/China/whoever is the ultimate evil in the world when it's the USA that has a stranglehold on the global economy and 800+ military bases around the world. Hit me with all the reddit logical fallacies you want, I don't care.

  15. What does the US military action have to do with the fact that Russia is committing genocide? "US mean, so Russia can kill innocent people" is a logical statement in your mind?

  16. I saw Lucy Dacus one week ago and there were a ton of young LGBTQI+ folk in the crowd who were mockingly asking out loud 'is anyone here hetero?'

  17. So far the biggest threat to NYR's production on offense has been NYR's efforts on offense. There have only been a few games the team really brought the same kind of work ethic we consistently saw all season and those were all 5+ goal nights.

  18. I don't understand why it's difficult to accept that Vasy is going to be harder to score on than Domingue or Raanta.

  19. Yeah, I got that impression when you decided to argue against my original comment.

  20. Yeah... how about instead of making this a 'my team is less racist than your team' contest, we acknowledge it's a problem across the entire hockey culture. All of these guys were aided and enabled in their shittiness through multiple junior leagues and development programs where their bigotry was tolerated.

  21. The worst part is tbh it doesn't seem like it's about the money directly so much as that paying a decent wage and offering okay working conditions is far less memeable than "I spent billions for the hell of it", elon musk is like mr beast in that they both spend absurd amounts of money for memes, the difference is that in mr beasts case it's usually a theme that nobody gets hurt and someone besides mr beast usually profits whereas elon only really cares whether or not he'll get what he wanted out of it.

  22. Really, the Canes management disappoint me for employing him. I really like the team, and multiple players on it, but giving this dude millions of dollars and keeping him in the League just because he’s an above-average NHL Dman despite how very obviously shitty he is as a human being is not a good look in my opinion.

  23. Yeah, this bullshit has me cheering for the Bruins for the first time in my life

  24. It means he's better than Nathan McKinnon

  25. It was a passionate, romantic love as carnal as it was spiritual. They deliberately show us the two joined as one for the express purpose of driving that point home. Sex was always a part of their dynamic.

  26. Was dressing like tasteless chuds part of their dynamic?

  27. Return to the lineup, not necessarily start. If Dell plays well and the Amerks win this series, I would be very surprised if they switched to a cold goalie coming off an injury.

  28. I think they give him the net. Surely the organization wants him to get playoff experience.

  29. Only if Dell has played poorly. Development mostly gets thrown out the window in the playoffs. They sat Laaksonen in favor of Mitch Eliot last night, for example.

  30. I've never watched AHL playoffs before this so I'll take your word for it. But I do still hope they play Lukkonen.

  31. Domingue has very strong stats this year in the AHL on a bad team. He has had some good years in the NHL too. Plenty of experience.

  32. He also eats spicy pork and broccoli between periods. People seem to be forgetting this.

  33. I think it is universally accepted that abortion access is 100% in the best interest of both the pregnant women, and the impregnating men.

  34. It does. People with reactionary worldviews don't care about rationality or kindness. They think their feelings are facts, and most of their feelings are unfounded fears. My bigoted dad said yesterday that abortion should be banned "because women could use it to genocide all men." He doesn't know and doesn't care how ridiculous he sounds.

  35. I mean, rationality and kindness are not part of reactionary worldviews, by definition. I am aware my father is an extreme example but I don't think he's that far off the norm in my region, sadly.

  36. Tuch, Skinner, Thompson, Cozens, Krebs, Mitts, Olofsson, Quinn, Peterka, Asplund, Okposo, Girgensons, Hinostroza.

  37. Even just putting Bjork or Murray there instead of Hinostroza... there's no room for Eakin. It's not happening.

  38. According to the draft decision there is no right for the federal government to legislate abortion at all. Anything less than a constitutional amendment would have been struck down by this court.

  39. That supports the argument to not put our hope in Democrats.

  40. Canadian tankie calling for riots in Democratic controlled states, which will do.. what exactly to change things in Republican controlled states?

  41. If you have a better plan that's not "vote Dem and wait X amount of years hoping they will fix the Supreme Court for us," then by all means share it. I am drawing from the history of queer liberation movements, where riots were used as extreme measures under extreme circumstances. If this moment is not analogous, then what is?

  42. He was weirdly never that good at breakaways / shootouts here either.

  43. Except for that OT winner against Carolina. That was sickening.

  44. Why specifically would Patrick ruin the camaraderie?

  45. It's not a guarantee that he would, but his roles in covering up that sexual assault (up to the very end) and assaulting a cab driver are pretty strong indicators

  46. If we were talking about <27 year old Kane I'd say you have a point regarding him being a potential distraction. But he's gonna be 34 to start next season.

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