1. Hear me out cleanrot knights and radon soldiers added on the battlefield for a four way free for all.


  3. please disable mimic tear FromSoft PLEASE

  4. Elden ring likes to fancy itself a platformer from time to time and it's wayyy too clunky to be anything resembling a platformer.

  5. awkward platforming is a part of every souls game but Sekiro!!!

  6. Itโ€™s everything honestly, his flurry always breaks my posture and I eat the whole thing, or I canโ€™t recover quick enough to block or the stupid ass bow, itโ€™s just insane

  7. You can actually just run away from his flurry! And his 2nd phase the secret is Mikri Counter and lightning redirection

  8. I do enjoy that tactic with the Droidekas. Lots of people seem to think they're useless on GA Geo due to their short range, but rolling up behind the AT-TE works really well; most teammates are completely oblivious to it

  9. Yeah the droideka meta is real, I've taken to puppy guarding the Aat-TEs as clones

  10. Or the officers that farm an aerial off spawn and then spawn in as a max level bomber to rain absolute horror on the enemy team.

  11. It's a triumvirate, all of them are involved in the fight against Vought and Homelander at different entry points

  12. Spirit emblems suck, just ditch the reserveechanic for them entirely

  13. Genichiro is the midterm exam boss. You need to be at least adequate in every mechanic to beat him

  14. I just burned down his mate's vitality then deflected her wheneber he roared.

  15. Getting the deflect mortal blow off of floating cloud passage is pretty impressive NGL

  16. โ€ขr don't if you want to save ur wallet

  17. got that classic snail shell look, even a lil cut

  18. So there's still not really any player skill involved in using AA other than sector timing. This is a good change and a strong nerf to carriers but still makes it on the CV to fuck up

  19. I'm getting Massachusetts cause I wanna brawl and watch my secondaries light up bots in operations

  20. I've been looking forward to this, love the fat cruiser with planes attached

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