1. Absolutely, I’ve seen that clip so many times I saw that super kick coming a mile away, and I loved every second of it.

  2. Only complaint I have is that NJPW is always so time deaf on ticket prices. No other show at the globe is anywhere near that price for front row. I’d imagine if front is that much the rest of the building will be higher too. This is the last show I need for the week and am at 8 shows so far. Safe to say I won’t be putting up the $350 for the front.

  3. On the one hand I sorta get it… they do have higher travel costs for their Japanese talent to fly in and they have to recoup that somehow.

  4. No WWWF wasn't a "real legal entity". But it was a brand name for the promotion run by the CWC, so it certainly existed.

  5. Right, but I guess its just weird in my head because as a kid the company was the WWF. I didn’t know anything about Titan Sports, much less the CWC.

  6. Yeah I think this is probably the best way to describe it.

  7. Zack Sabre jr. or Bryan Danielson my grandpa would have loved a pure grappling match. My grandpa always said Danny hodge was the scariest guy he wrestled and he wasn’t a huge guy. So I’m sure those guys would have had fun with my grandpa

  8. Man I just finished Ole Anderson's book not long ago, and he talked about his literal first day walking in to Verne Gagne's gym, Verne paired him up with Hodge and Hodge just ... the only way to describe it is Hodge demonstrated how easily he could have done anything he wanted to Ole.

  9. Your Gramps was a stooge! (and we all love him for it)

  10. You're thinking about Jerry, this is his brother Jack. They were both awesome though.

  11. USA's healthcare system is so horrible and barbaric.

  12. I work at a company where most of us are remote, and I have a lot of non US coworkers. Since we are remote, we use a tool on Slack that randomly pairs us up for optional VTCs every few weeks just as a way to meet one another.

  13. Little league shit compared to Seth FREAKIN Rollins and our Tribal Chief ☝️

  14. I'm so confused. Why is everyone shitting on Mox here? I thought we liked Mox. I like Mox.

  15. I do like Mox. I just think he sounds like a goofy try hard sometimes. I can be a fan of someone and still roll my eyes at them when I think they’re being cringe.

  16. It’s crazy that you care that much about other people’s viewing habits. I don’t watch RAW or Smackdown (or Dynamite for that matter), but I watch the PLEs. I was thoroughly sports entertained by the Rumble. Both the men’s and women’s were great, and the main event was good with the angle at the end being a masterpiece.

  17. Next year is the last year of Gen Alpha. Gen Beta starts in 2025. Millennials will be the equivalent to Baby Boomers to them. On the bright side people live longer generally now so Boomers will probably still be around for Generation Beta to make fun of.

  18. And as usual, everybody, from boomers on down, always forgets about us Gen X kids 🥲

  19. Ngl….I’ve always kinda dug the sponsorships on the mat. Even when AEW has the DraftKings logo. I don’t know why. I just think it looks cool.

  20. It makes it look like a real sport IMO, like boxing or MMA rings. IMO New Japan's ring always looks cool as fuck.

  21. Not a new idea. One of the first NWA shows I remember watching had the turnbuckles sponsored by Coors I believe. NJPW has sponsorships everywhere.

  22. I'm generally annoyed by ads, but New Japan and NOAH it makes them look more legit I guess?

  23. If we have Only Fans in the 90's, Shawn probably will open his own account lol.

  24. Have you seen Shawn try to use a computer? He would definitely try though.

  25. He is not, for example, Verne Gagne in the 80s pushing his talentless child while the AWA spirals further into irrelevance or completely failing to capitalize on literally having the biggest superstar in wrestling handed to him on a silver platter and then just letting him walk away to Vince.

  26. Hulk Hogan. Hulk was fired by Vince McMahon Sr. who didn’t want him doing movies. So he went to the AWA, first as a heel, but the fans fell in love with him because he was so damn charismatic and unlike everyone else in the promotion.

  27. You get what you get and you acknowledge your Tribal Chief with an “Ah’yessir” ☝️

  28. No one should be setting any expectations for what Ibushi does. Not only does he have his own projects going on, but he possibly wants nothing to do with a full-time contract, and he is nuts. He could show up in YMZ, lose to Cherry via BS and never wrestle again, and I wouldn't be that shocked.

  29. This 100%. Ibushi always strikes me as a weird dude who wants to do his own thing, and it would be very surprising to me to see him ever sign another contract.

  30. Can I please have Ibushi v Mox at Bloodsport?

  31. I think I heard he’s going up against Mike Bailey? Could be wrong

  32. Agree but I'm still baffled why Sami would hesitate to chair Owens and chair Roman. In kayfabe Owens has been an absolute bastard to Sami dating back to NXT. Roman has been a prick but nowhere near the levels Owens has been.

  33. For real. I would've blasted KO in a heartbeat because on the offchance Sami does win one of the WWE championships KO is gonna turn on him in less than five seconds.

  34. And then my local small indy here in Vancouver posted a cryptic tweet that's just a picture of the Japanese symbol for "king" and I'm like if that's referring to Ibushi somehow I'm definitely not going to miss that show.

  35. That sounds more like Minoru Suzuki, but that's still going to be well worth it!

  36. https://twitter.com/TheWWEGuy_/status/864542537360474112?s=20&t=63xjE5p8IYn8BSibWZzSMQ

  37. Fatal 4 way with KO, Cody, Sami, and Reigns. Reigns stacks all 3 of them and pins em.

  38. Throw in Jey, Kofi, and special guest on loan from AEW Daniel Bryan.

  39. Cody still does nothing for me as a face these days, but that's coming from an AEW fan who regrets not getting to see him be AEW's Reign of Terror HHH.

  40. Man when Cody came out at 30 my said said “Fuck he’s winning isn’t he?”

  41. Of all things to harp on this one strikes me as weird… he regularly refers to the wrestlers as “boys” or “girls” in some form or fashion regardless of color. Like I get the implication with how “boy” has historically been used to refer to POC, but I think you’re reading too much into it here.

  42. Part of him hating it is because they just have Japanese women wrestling sometimes I guess 💀

  43. No, he doesn’t hate Japanese women’s wrestling. He just seems to hate modern Japanese women’s wrestling. Old school AJW like Manami Toyoda, the Crush Gals,Aja Kong, Bull Nakano, etc that he watched back in his tape trading days? He talks very highly of that shit, and rightly so because that was some of the best wrestling of all time and as much as I love Stardom it’s nowhere near as badass as AJW.

  44. I mean in fairness his fellow outside competitors were Ace Austin, El Lindaman, and Alex Zayne, all of whom were over like gangbusters.

  45. Their reaction seemed like they knew though because it took them a few seconds after hearing Pat’s music to respond. I feel like if it had been a genuine surprise to them, they would’ve reacted immediately. No change in their facial expressions lol

  46. That actually is more how people respond to surprise and unexpected events. It takes your brain a few seconds to catch up. It's why most people's immediate reaction to a threat is to freeze rather than take action like running or fighting back, because their brain blue screened at the unexpected event and is basically rebooting.

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