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  1. I've had at least two games this month where some scummy survivors has sandbagged their teammates and they've absolutely helped me tunnel their ass out of the game.

  2. Look, I’m here to make sure people suffer…you are here to be MADE to suffer by me. Don’t try to pass it off onto someone else.

  3. I had a student that called me from the hospital after his mom accidentally ran him over. I didn’t know his mom was Asian and he said “man, this is not going to help Asian stereotypes”

  4. I had a friend get ran over by his Asian crack head prositute mother lmao

  5. I don’t think this student’s mother was a prostitute lol! But who knows. Was it in Georgia?

  6. Bro wtf i thought it was Yuri this whole time.

  7. I thought that the whole way through Nier Automata as well

  8. Reeve. The only one working at Shinra that actually cared about the people of Midgar...

  9. How do we know Reeve wasn’t the remote controlled one by the cat…which is being remote controlled by the bigger cat.

  10. Wait I don’t understand. Weren’t women supposed to be only dating the 20% of men, only the most handsome and physically attractive ones? So much so that there’s literally no women left to date normal guys?

  11. It’s like how the worst movie is a boring move. A good movie keeps your entertained and enthralled by it’s story, action, etc.; meanwhile, a bad movie keeps you entertained by being terrible and funny. These guys are so painfully dull and annoying that they are lady repellant.

  12. Not to mention hanging out for hours means she didnt have a plan to get out of there.

  13. I had a blind double date once, and the girl was clearly interested in my friend’s date, and I was essentially fourth wheeling, he was unaware that he was third wheeling. I just faked a call from my mom that my dad fell off the roof and just left.

  14. He was, unfortunately dating me got access to all my old friends and their friends so now he’s pretty popular while everyone else hates me bc he’s spread rumours about me abusing him and making him suicidal and being a whore - so everything he did he said I did

  15. Those aren’t your real friends. Also, people like that show their true colors eventually.

  16. That’s not what I meant. Marineford literally did end in tragedy, Shanks stepping in doesn’t undo all the damage done

  17. Two people dead, Luffy literally scarred, Blackbeard gaining ultimate power…just a tip toe through the tulips.

  18. Idk Netflix has been putting a lot of the dub content on their platform. It makes me wonder if Sony lost that contract to Netflix.

  19. I don’t think lost is the right word, but probably signed some sort of license to have dubbed One Piece on Netflix since the live action show is there.

  20. Basekit ub and 22 second unbreakable does not equal a buff to nurse. Idk how u people get what is clearly a survivor buff and then make it a killer buff

  21. It does not equal a buff to nurse…but nurse mains find a way lol!

  22. Damn it's almost like it's a useful perk on them and people like when they get value out of their perks 🤔

  23. How dare Legion use a perk that synergizes with their ability.

  24. I don’t actually Basement Bubba…but the flair is too fun to pass up. I am a casual Bubba enjoyer.

  25. I disagree with you not because you are wrong, but because people that write these comics don’t ACTUALLY want black people to succeed. The more they fail, the more they can scream racism, and the more they can complain and enforce more harmful liberal policies which further hurts black populations, etc.

  26. I thought about this too. 2v6 or maybe 8 Biggest maps and maybe a bit bigger. More gens. Seeing killer synergy would be really cool.

  27. I feel like Legion or Plague and Huntress would be amazing. A person that is in charge of injuring and keeping people injured, and someone that doesn’t have to be close to hit them.

  28. Next tome reveal: Patrick Star and Trickster are the same person.

  29. People he either barely knows, or never met, vs a person who he worked and shared a village with. Shocking.

  30. To be fair, how do you forget a shark man? Like, everyone else, sure…but this dude was a shark on two legs.

  31. PT wasn’t a full game, and you could still lose and die in PT.

  32. I hope they don't make the combat like ds3,i like ds3's combat the most(in dark souls) but the slow and tactical combat of ds1 is like 60% of the charm.just add free rolling while locked on,running jump attacks,warp to every bonfire after O&S,bigger and much more datailed second half, powerstancing,better bosses and it will be almost perfect(tbf thats quite a lot to be perfect lol).

  33. One change: make Bed of Chaos worse. Gotta make the newbies suffer while we also suffer.

  34. Bro it’s not even out yet an people are complaining

  35. They are slow, I'm already complaining about next year's anniversary.

  36. Yeah true we should get another full killer buff patch in first

  37. The phone is just a conversation someone else was having about your death, that you think you are responding too, but is actually conversation that has already happened.

  38. I feel old now lol! Nobody remembers the "then who was phone" meme.

  39. I think kojima wanted to send your actual phone texts tho

  40. Let's go back to Resident Evil from last year and list them all since:-Resident Evil: licensed

  41. So you want Ursula? I have no issues with that at all.

  42. Only if the terror radius/chase is Poor Unfortunate Souls...and the map just plays Under the Sea on loop otherwise.

  43. The thing with this is that everyone is talking like BHVR has all the licenses set in stone.

  44. It's like the Smash Ultimate characters. They act as though characters stole a slot when, in reality, these deals were made before the game was even announced.

  45. Ghostface is still fine since he can restore his power but killers like Myers, Oni, Twins and Onyro will cry after this update.

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