1. The machine is new to me (second hand) and I figured I’d buy a single wall asap. I tried out a bunch of different grind sizes and tamping pressure, with the same issue of weak, seemingly low-pressure results. I figured it might be something wrong with the machine so I took to that first, before dialing in my personal technique.

  2. FWIW here's my Bambino Plus without a portafilter in place (dunno where my dual wall baskets are so can't provide a video of that, sorry). Looks the same as your first video?

  3. I've got a Bambino Plus and mainly do milk drinks for my partner and myself, so in a similar situation as you. I got mine refurbished for ~£160 last year and it's not missed a beat - I did worry I'd broken it after a few months as the steam wand was terrible, but it just needed a descale and was great again.

  4. I'm probably missing something really obvious, but does anyone have a link to the F2 website that has the times of each session? I can't find it. I know it's on this page but I want something to bookmark so I can set reminders for upcoming races and sessions too.

  5. This is a very late reply. Thank you for sharing this, I'm working through it and it's definitely giving me some ideas and identified we have relatively different keyboard usage styles. One example is that you don't have enter on the default layer, but have a mapping for capslock on the main layer. I usually never even have capslock mapped on the keyboard and keep enter on the main layer since i use it so much.

  6. No worries! Now that you mentioned it I really don't use capslock at all - the only times in recent memory where its activated has accidentally. I'm just used to it being there from a standard keyboard and never thought to change it.

  7. How do you like the magnetic connector?

  8. Do you have a link to the one you like to use?

  9. I have a similar project that I'm putting off wiring up mostly because I've never wired up a split keeb before. I did a bit of reading on the QMK site but I'd like some more info before diving in. Do you have any good guides you could recommend?

  10. No single guide unfortunately, but if you've done non-splits I can't imagine a split will be too much different. My main reference was the

  11. But you don't need DE/WM to connect physically to a TTY

  12. You'll also likely find it much more convenient to use SSH to manage the machine, rather than hooking up a display and keyboard every time you wan to check the logs of something

  13. The case might be a limiting factor depending on what you're wanting to use it for. It looks like the expansion slots are half height so if you were thinking of getting another NIC or other expansion cards you'll need to look for compatible ones. Cooler clearance might be a problem as well; the listing doesn't say anything about that so you might find the included cooler might not fit.

  14. That looks awesome, I saw you post your renders a couple of days ago and loved the Gulf vibes.

  15. Thanks! Let me know if the international shipping is a pain, I'm more than happy to pay for it as well.

  16. New to F1...why have drivers come out on mediums, I thought soft tyres were supposed to be the fastest?

  17. New as well but from my understanding is that they have to start the race with the tyre compound they use in Q2, so using a medium gives them more to work with in terms of strategy in the race.

  18. Visa type: Tier 2 (transfer from Tier 5) with dependent (also Tier 5)

  19. Email came in at 10:30AM - here's hoping yours isn't far behind!

  20. Seeing as your asking, I pretty much want to access TV Series, Movies, Photos around the house without having to unplug my portable hard drive from my laptop to my TV to my Xbox to my other TV etc. Stick a NAS up in the attic, attach it via Ethernet to my Network and then just click 'network' source on my devices.

  21. Oh right, I see. You should be fine then with that set up, I don't think those sources would require any transcoding if you're exposing the files that way.

  22. So, just want to reconfirm that it'll work. Here is my plan:

  23. I believe so; you should be able to set something like this up on a computer right now to test it out too.

  24. Just postage mate, looks to be around 10 - 15 quid through Royal Mail

  25. I'll give OP a bit longer to respond, if I don't hear anything from them tonight I'll PM you tomorrow?

  26. What would I get for putting down more than twice as much for this than the Behringer?

  27. Portability was my main thing when I bought a used HD 2.

  28. Oh that's interesting and sad to hear, I was there 2012 - 2014 and enjoyed it but I guess that's irrelevant now!

  29. While I don't have a case, I may be selling an Aorus b450 itx mobo and ryzen 7 2700.

  30. Don't mean to be rude, but if OP passes (and you decide to sell) I'd be interested.

  31. I got a R5 2600 on a MSI B450 I gaming plus board, willing to let both go for 160 :)

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