1. You’ve got crabs. I know it’s not either of them but it’s always on sale and really good

  2. its just a kid friendly version i think. with literally the same rules

  3. What would a kid friendly version consist of though. A different title is al I can think of. I think it would ruin quite a fun aspect of the game yelling Yoive got crabs at people. Saying you are feeling crabby isn’t as funny to me.

  4. I would like to see a clash of the gods set with a Norse god, Greek god, Roman god and Egyptian or Celtic god. That would be cool.

  5. I'd love to see a Polynesian god to diversify the mythologies a bit maybe Pele with a volatile high damage deck to link in to her volcanic nature

  6. That would be cool. If I could make a set with gods, I would probably Have Neptune (roman), Hermes (Greek) Ra (Egyptian) and Brigit (Celtic). I think enough people would recognise them for that set to do well, but they could play differently. I just really like ancient mythology and want to see more in unmatched. Mabye a Viking legend in volume 3 would be cool.

  7. Easy. Blue pill. The question is a great album and a bad album or a decent album and a masterpiece.

  8. Yeah I’m with you there, I hope in the future they do more cryptids and public domain things, I’d like to see a wendigo, skinwalker, or the headless horseman among other things. Glad the marvel fans are happy though I guess

  9. I really like having IPs in unmatched. Take Funkoverse for example, an already solid game that fully absorbs the IP’s it uses, allowing for ridiculous mix and matches. The idea of which famous character is stronger is great and I think IP games are good. There are only really 2 issues and that’s that,

  10. I really don’t like the cover art of this game. It just has too many words in my opinion.

  11. Lego Ninjago - Masters of spinjitsu - the greater soap opera drama of all tine

  12. I would say the original. Young et twice as many components and the characters are kind of well balanced and fit well for different difficulty levels.

  13. I would say SAI is the one people want to like but just can’t.

  14. No that is homophobic. I think if u watch it you are a freak show with no life and deserve death but it doesn’t make you gay come on it’s 2022.

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