1. Studio albums if you like Terrapin start with Shakedown Street, head to From The Mars Hotel, then Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty to really blow you away.

  2. thank you so much! i’ve heard the single shakedown street and i really enjoyed it so only right i listen to the album

  3. Welcome to the show my friend ... here are some intro posts I made & I made it so that just listening from the top is a pretty good way to go as it gives you superb examples of shows from each era. Multiple streaming links for each ... have fun & feel free to reach out in DMs if you have any questions 👍B

  4. Yes they're legit, most of them will accept cash on delivery as well so you're very unlikely to get scammed.

  5. I have no idea, sorry! It was just literally a random bloke on Facebook I imagine they're mostly from the same kind of places

  6. Sounds pretentious but I don’t really care about a specific era or genre. Pigeonholing yourself into fandom is weird and music fans do it so often, where music taste defined their identity like some kind of tribal thing. I don’t get people who say they listen to one specific kind of thing, it’s so limiting on yourself imo

  7. By skipping to the middle, you mean it puts the needle down and then skips forward across the record? Or does it not play at all?

  8. well, i put my 1st record on and its skipped entirely straight to the middle (this is one of my more expensive records so promptly took it off) then tried a record i bought today, it did the same. then i put on my cheapest record encase any damage was caused. it didnt skip but was majorly distorted.

  9. Are you sure you have the size selector in the correct position? If it's in the 7" position then the stylus will land in the middle of a 12" record.

  10. yeah all my preferences were right it’s the stylus. it’s flat

  11. he’s got the no chin gene!! put him down before he breeds!

  12. They are not 😊 i also just learned this prior to uploading it on the gallery. You can actually download paintings from the gallery that will not mark your build as CC.

  13. oh wow what a great tip! thank you so much. lovely build by the way

  14. i’m confused by these posts, do you not make your own sims? just don’t make them look the same…

  15. i dont really look at the sims together i noticed--i make them individually and go "this is so different from my last!" and its the exact same 🤦 i do wish i had more feminine features like this, and i like the anime-esc "princess peach" lips (plus lipstick fits/blends better) and the more visible eyes..i had the idea that people'd give advice but i expected reddit to be too nice lol

  16. i get what you mean 100% all my sims look very similar but it’s my idea of a attractive/idealistic creation. so i don’t mind, i think you should play how you want to play even if that means making clones and doing your favourite career over and over again.

  17. She had a good day at school, I think it is :) Parenthood

  18. this happens on mine and i don’t have parenthood. i think it’s a lot trait

  19. He looks like the kid in toy story with the creepy toys

  20. Still having nightmares with damn bunk beds. It's wild I tell ya! 😆

  21. no way! have you got a bed under the top bed or just two tops? two tops with just desks underneath work for me

  22. i like when they have the option for scuffed and unscuffed. like the cats and dogs bar stool, works for cottages and builds like that

  23. What kind of thing do you like? Romance tragedy horror comedy? I’m playing my first actor and his street performances are so stupid and funny I love them. Don’t forget there’s always neighbourhood stories! Turn them on and wait lol. Especially if you’re rotational omg. Get together with a townie and wait to find out their aspiration til they’re moved in. Also the history challenge is fun. You got mods?

  24. no mods i’m not interested in them either i don’t dare download any because i see so many people complaining of lags or bugs. but i mostly like romance and tragedies

  25. Try a challenge! I am loving the Not So Berry. Love it so much I now have a Let's Play that I post here daily on Reddit.

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