1. You could get some scuds online. There small amphipods that feed off of detritus and hide in the gravel. They also eat decaying plants. They don’t get any better than a grain of rice. Plus your beta will have fun chasing them for a snack

  2. Snails work. But you may be feeding the fish to much.

  3. I thought about that too, but I just recently changed my feeding habits and almost nothing gets to the bottom now. There had been a lot of waste, but I finally found some flakes and microgranules that everybody is big enough to eat, so now there's almost nothing going to the substrate. I will check on snails, thanks!

  4. Listen Mr. Pacha, replying to your comments is like using a burner phone to prank call a grumpy old man. At the end of the day, we're both anonymous, and we're both wasting our time. But one of us leaves with good laughs and a huge smile, and the other leaves a little angrier than before! You can probably guess who's who. If you want to keep entertaining me, go for it!

  5. Bro do you really unironically think anyone "defending" her would call her a "woke liberal"?

  6. I unironically think that if you're not condemning someone who killed children, you're defending them. I see someone making a political statement about who we should condemn, not someone who actually cares.

  7. Lowballing. I had a guy offer me $11/hour that was advertised online as minimum $14.50. Also asking if you’re willing to take initiative or fill in where necessary, that’s code for being understaffed and having shitty workers who will need you to do every job in the building

  8. When I was (hypo?)manic for the first time late last year, I started out with excessive eating and then as it got more severe I stopped eating almost altogether. It went from "I need something to do" to "I don't have time for this." I'm sure it's different for everyone.

  9. Guys this sub was funny for like 2 seconds then it got old really fast

  10. Hydroxyzine, lamictal, lexapro, seroquel. Have also tried wellbutrin, abilify, and adderall

  11. When my betta jacks up his tail I use StressCoat. The bottle suggests 5mL usually but when I'm trying to heal fins I go 10mL every day until there's improvement. Also keep water super clean, extra water changes

  12. When I had my kneecap removed, I had one of the country's top orthopaedic professors come out of retirement to be part of the operation.... Simply because of how wonky my legs are.

  13. Magnesium can sometimes help! That said, I take two kinds of magnesium daily and still get them.

  14. Weight gain is a side effect that not everybody has. I didn't stay on Abilify but it didn't cause me any weight changes. Never taken lithium.

  15. Start carrying a pack of gum around and offer it as a conversation starter. Anytime they pull you aside, take one out, start chewing one, and then ask if they'd also like one.

  16. I have only cried over two books. First, the ending of the last Divergent novel. No spoilers, but as someone who fell in love with that series, it hit deep. Second, Still Alice by Lisa Genova. I've read it 5 times and it makes me cry a little harder every time.

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