1. Maybe you just don’t use a bidet properly. You aren’t supposed to half-ass the washing. You gotta be clean clean clean. Put your hand down and clean if you need to. Wash it thoroughly after you are done ofc, and make sure you don’t have long nails otherwise matter might end up there.

  2. I have a high powered nozzle that hits my butt hole directly. No hose needed, and certainly no hand - wtf man, I'm not trying to touch shit every time I poop.

  3. Bruh, every modern battery operated device, vape or otherwise, should be able to stop charging when full and just sit on a charger indefinitely.

  4. Divorced 11-year eBay consignment seller here… I originally saved up 3-months of Ensign pay back when I was a freshly minted officer in the Navy… it was the biggest waste of money that I ever spent.

  5. You're the first person to say buy used, and I absolutely concur.

  6. Diamonds are boring too. My girlfriend’s birthstone is sapphire and she insists that if I ever propose, it has to be with a sapphire ring. She jokes that if I were to ever spend a bunch of money on a ring with a “boring, colorless, overused” diamond she would leave me for being financially irresponsible.

  7. I tried to propose this but my wife's birthstone is a diamond lol

  8. I also live in Texas. Texas isn't a small state. Apartment costs in Dallas are higher than in Terrell. I assure you an apartment in Dallas is much higher than $1000 a month.

  9. Here are almost 500 options for a 1 bedroom in Dallas under $900

  10. I’m 35 and my “number” is high 20s. I never share that with anyone but close friends because I, too, have always thought that it was a ton. Can’t wait to tell my fiancé that I’m a born again virgin!

  11. Between OP, you and me, a dude with your same age and numbers, I'm feeling like we're pretty average.

  12. Why would he wanna hook up with those ones lmao. Have some self esteem jeez. The target should be girls that are into anime, that is some low hanging fruit

  13. Really? Austin, where CoL has gone up faster than most places in the last few years, just had a post yesterday where someone complained that $18 was just barely enough to cover bills. Then everyone corrected them and it turned out $14/hr was reasonable if you don't have a massive car payment and you get a 3/2 with a couple roommates.

  14. Right, because roommates are now the only way to afford rent… even when I was in college it was still possible to have your own apartment. Apparently that is a pipe dream anymore

  15. The secret's out on Austin, and the number of new housing units has increased by about 2000 per month these last few years, while new arrivals are over 3000 per month. Was over 4500 some months.

  16. Only started measuring in 2009, probably just took the last 12 years to catch up to the scale of Texas.

  17. Yikes. I wouldn't want her as my lawyer! Godspeed OP

  18. Honestly, same. My wife is also "booksmart, not street smart" but she'd never cut an avocado like an imprecise robot who doesn't even know what the end goal is.

  19. What a legend. Seemed very humble for a guy who could have just been larger than life as a schtick and people wouldn't have faulted him for it.

  20. Please, that's my father's name. You can call me Saladtoss

  21. So by that logic, there should be no problem with tainted and counterfeit food and drugs in countries with little or no effective regulation. Because people in those countries still have access to social media, the internet, etc.

  22. Off the top of my head that sounds like a corruption problem, not a free market problem. Wanna bet the biggest culprit is government perverting the market by buying tons of fake drugs from shady manufacturers who give large kickbacks to corrupt officials?

  23. I did go read a paper about it, you're right, private enterprise imports all sorts of things on the free market without government oversight.

  24. They clearly didn't even read this one, or they would have known the actual title.

  25. Clearly nobody actually read the book but everyone loves to use it to draw conclusions.

  26. Lol, yes let's send all the guns here to Ukraine so they can checking notes defend themselves after having been the target of aggression post disarmament.

  27. Why, pray tell, didn't they have nukes? Is it because they were coerced into giving them up with promises of protection?

  28. I was just thinking lol the chances of there being a secret stash of coke hidden somewhere in the house is probably fairly high.

  29. I've been trying to buy ads for a political campaign for months, no dice.

  30. We have a dual left turn lane that I have to go through frequently out here in the ‘burbs practically anytime I leave my house. I’ve observed that it’s almost always someone in the left-most lane turning wide to the right lane, almost never the opposite. Also, after the turn, there are a bunch of driveways on the right that people are heading for, nothing on the left. For that reason, I always use the left lane.

  31. The fuck does this mid tier soundcloud rapper have to do with Austin?

  32. I mean, the production value is at least somewhat higher than a 14 year old with a gaming mic in his bedroom. That's the only bar this cleared though.

  33. Nah, I think I'll just make my donations to the Russian war cause directly, rather than go through an intermediary.

  34. If you're way down south, the best torta I've ever eaten is from

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