today is my birthday - I'm 70 - and this is my first post on Reddit (OC)

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I needed this today


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  1. She’s preparing to walk out and find a new pot herself lol!

  2. What type of plants are those? They are lovely and I'm always on the hunt for hummingbird favorites!

  3. The ones I see them visiting the most are our lavender from the picture, a couple types of mint flowers, and our coral bells!

  4. How long did it take you to amass such a collection? This is just stunning!

  5. Well as a first year gardener, count me inspired! 😁

  6. Looks exactly like my potato harvest this season 😂

  7. Oh of course. I'm done with my plant murdering days.

  8. Famous last words haha! Good luck with your plants, cactus looks great 😁

  9. How much sun is it getting. It needs a lot.

  10. It gets as much sun as we have here in eastern canada haha

  11. Lol I didn’t know nipple mushrooms existed

  12. I just started a mint collection of my own this year! Good luck 😁

  13. I only got one this year been trying to get my fruit trees and bushes first had someone kill all the greenhouse plants and my mints were the only survivors so you should have no issues with yours living

  14. Oh wow! I’m sorry to hear about your greenhouse! Yeah, actually my strawberry mint and Indian mint I have just flowered today for the first time. They’ve taken off like weeds! My chocolate and peppermint aren’t far off either :) I hope your garden bounces back without too much expense

  15. This calls for a secret night operation to expand the raised bed.

  16. I think you’re right on the money! Lol

  17. What kind of dictator do you live under? I have never told a tenant anything near that. If they keep the grass mowed and pay the bills who gives a shit

  18. She’s really great about the garden usually! She does lawn maintenance though so she has some tidiness rules for whipersnipping and mowing. I’m grateful that she let me put in the garden as she’s the first landlord that has!

  19. Wow I genuinely guessed 3! Great work!!

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