1. Oilers win. Fuck the refs. Fuck the Caps. Fuck Ovi. Slava Ukraine.

  2. Puck don’t lie baby 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  3. Skinner fanning on the first shot attempt actually helped him out when defenders went to block the shot lol

  4. Dude will be lucky to play 3 more games absolute washed scrub.

  5. Hope he doesn’t even see one more. Going out on a 5-0 loss would be fitting

  6. Hoping for another good, physical game from dell tn

  7. Really excited for Tampa to no longer be relevant.

  8. I’m kind of glad this game isn’t competitive rn — lower chance of kucherov trying to injure someone. Not 0, but lower.

  9. A team with literally Corey Perry & you're worried about Kuch?

  10. Well he’ll just do it whenever — slashed hinastroza after a hit earlier.

  11. Buffalo actually has some tremendous prospects right now. I think they’ll be pretty interesting to watch in a couple years. Jack Quinn, Owen Powers, John Peterka, the goalie with the weird name lol, Isak Rosen.

  12. You know I said in the gdt that Cody Eakin is ugly, but Taylor Hall may be the ugliest human currently living, possibly ever

  13. I was skeptical at first when they first signed him, considering Buffalo’s performance last year, but he’s been very good

  14. For sure — he was the best part of that team tho

  15. Tried to get the mascot to give me the shot but apparently it needs to be a “medical professional” and not some teenager wearing a costume.

  16. Is there a rule saying medical professionals can’t wear the costume??

  17. Love seeing them steal a point like that. Really great game from Subban too. I'm not sure what the fuck Eakin was thinking trying to win that last faceoff forward though.

  18. mf thought he was eichel just cause he has ugly hair lol

  19. He’s a culinary professor actually. Specializes in meatballs

  20. I love that little drag move he does at the line — puts the defender out of position and opens space for the shot

  21. This is going to sound salty as hell, but behind the net “Michigan-style” goals are honestly getting stale as fuck, and I was disappointed when I saw it’s what everyone is losing their minds over. They take great hands to pull off for sure — and this one was more creative than most — but it always feels like a bullshit “gotcha” play. Might be just me though — lots of people seem to love them

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