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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Only 5 years late and 70 million over budget? The people working on I5 for the last 50 years are laughing “rookies”.

  2. She’s not crazy just scratching her back. Well she might be crazy for other reasons 🤪

  3. This would make a great condom commercial or a pro abortion one.

  4. someone needs to look into what’s going on in his home. doesn’t condone this behaviour but cmon there’s clearly something bigger going on here

  5. This kids parents need an ass whipping and the kid needs help, if not new parents.

  6. “I’m not playing” pig Then plays fuck everyone in the background, I’ll just shoot into apartments.

  7. In Murican in 2018 on average every 88 minutes a dog was shot by police. Look up the documentary “puppycide” if you wanna have a bad time.

  8. Basic income + shelters without required sobriety....sooo just give up and directly fund addiction at the taxpayers expense? Good luck getting buy-in on that one

  9. Read up on how Salt Lake City Utah all but ended homelessness by giving people apartments with no strings attached, no need to be sober.

  10. I was amazed at the numbers I read and had to do a double take when reading it was Utah.

  11. Couldn't hit from 5 yards???! Please tell me these are like 3 inch targets lol

  12. Were...were these 12 inch targets they were missing from 5 yards? Please tell me no...

  13. Okay, I might have exaggerated “not hitting the target”, but it looked like it was shot by buckshot landing all around the kill zone.

  14. The transmission flush, is that how one should do it? Not just drain and fill?

  15. This is fake news AF because “best economic recovery ever Jack, come on man” child sniffing dementia man

  16. Ah, ok I see. I mean, should I be looking at these if I get a cap? I do not do any hardcore off roading.

  17. Yes, the ones listed above are what I run. Piece of mind for a 125$.

  18. There was a famous abduction case in Arizona around Heber. There’s been documenaries and movies on it. I found the coordinates and went looking for aliens. No luck tho.

  19. 😂😂😂 didn’t think of that. But if 12 of these are cool, imagine having 24?

  20. OP had an older Model S. The S 70 has one of the smallest packs Tesla has offered and it's vintage means it has a limited charge rate at Superchargers.

  21. 2 hours over 15 isn’t horrible if you can also use the time for eating, stretching and such.

  22. Definitely pros and cons. Your Toyota is way cooler tho. Thanks for the info. I’m not even considering buying a Tesla, just always wondered real world experience.

  23. I’m not too sure But I do know to stay away from northwest trucks and any operation they deal with. They are the definition of car sales men and they have shitty practices.

  24. Their builds are faux 4x4 rigs, pavement princesses they way over charge for. Dumb people see big tires and shiny rims and buy it.

  25. It’s a spy device/light. They steal your thoughts. Wrap it in tinfoil so they can’t watch or listen to you.

  26. Good morning to everyone except the feds in here. You can go fuck a fire hydrant with no lube.

  27. I've never understood the connection of sports and being patriotic

  28. You can also just mail it to your CLEO’s office. Don’t know about you but I try my best to stay out of Police Departments.

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