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  1. I work at McDonald's. Never seen either of these cups

  2. You can, don't really need to. I only really see that being necessary to check if the checks came in yet or not.

  3. At this point, I don't even know the answer so I can't even argue.

  4. Your oral cavity is wonderful to work with! So spacious! - my dentist

  5. I've been insulted in the opposite way. My dentist was very frustrated that after barely brushing for 2 years (I blame depression if anyone asks), I had no cavities at all. He said "[my full name] I'm very angry with you. I can't believe this but you have no cavities" in some African accent.

  6. I actually never ended up doing it. I did get all the supplies to make forged carbon fiber parts, but vacuum sealing isn't required. It's very useful on small things or if you want the absolute strongest out of it, but it isn't something I would of done. The resin itself is quite strong so the carbon density isn't the most important thing here.

  7. damn you really know nothing at all about how difficult it is to get print quality that good

  8. My prusa did it stock, I imagine that's exactly what they're using because prusas are very common in farms/small scale production environments. My little brother got a kingroon KP3s (180$ printer) and it can print that well for sure. As well as most of my printers...

  9. he uses multiple prusa mk3s+ but regardless his print quality is amazing, also you have to consider the effort that went into the design. anyone can just print a balisong but almost non will come close in quality to this

  10. My dad's girlfriend had said "if she (my cousin) had believed in God she wouldn't of died of cancer". She was 13, and I moved out the same week. I don't know if that's really bad, it made my life more difficult, but I don't regret it.

  11. I'm a programmer and all my notes are in a traveler's notebook with a Pilot 823.

  12. I just don't like taking digital notes, but then again my handwriting is pretty illegible.

  13. That doesn't automatically mean it's not worth, by the way!

  14. I mean it might be worth keeping, there might be ways to motivate the effects, but in terms of actually fixing it there's not much you can do.

  15. You can probably get a panel for maybe half or 80% of the total cost of a new monitor, and then your hoping your able to make it work again. Not worth it

  16. That's what I would recommend. Fixing a curved display isn't easy

  17. I don’t want to switch just not opposed to taking free stuff from spectrum if they are offering.

  18. Eh imo the spectrum stuff isnt really worth it. You probably won't get a very fast plan compared to what you have with greenlight so it's just going to be like your internet was downgraded for 3 months lol


  20. I'm getting good results at 60-70% speed but don't know what you would say give it a test would be great if you can improve upon it

  21. I probably could make a few improvements but I really have no reason to print this, I only have one creality printer lol, and none of the others are even similar.

  22. Cut a piece of sheet metal, and painfully bent and cut it to shape. It looks a lot better on pics then up close but it did come out reasonably well for what it is.

  23. Should be pretty easy if you sit down and do all the math and you have a dedicated bender... I had pliers, a vice, and a Dremel lol

  24. Fuck man I work across the street, that parking lot is within my view lol

  25. Not really how that works. You mine the same amount of Bitcoin whether the market is strong or not, you just mine bitcoin, and you wait for a high point to sell. So obviously none of those miners are selling right now, and especially not their rigs since the market is so saturated. Most minors have a basic understanding of crypto and economics it appears you lack.

  26. "I'm a maverick. I have standards, and goals for myself, that I alone derived, and advance, regardless of what anyone else thinks. I'm a bit of a wild card who aspires to live a rural lifestyle, too."

  27. Depends why your hanging the flag to begin with. I would do it because I don't give a fuck what other people think (whole deal with libertarians in general), my flag is my flag, it's there for me and not others. If the flag is for others then yeah it's not the best taste though.

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