1. I think it's a mash up? I don't know off the top of my head. I think it's Grims armory? Or somthing. I will look when I get home 😆

  2. Thanks I got Grims, I am more after that skirt part and boots. I am getting ready to restart on Savage wilds and have a bit of a rp idea I want to try, I play solo so yeah.

  3. Np lol its the Nun skirt, I custom colored it red and black for my own ascetic. It's been alot of fun. I'll have to post my Thrall later you.

  4. Deff going to have to check out the nun outfit now lols.

  5. That actually looks like a very good starting base, not overly modded and the listed mods actually like each other with little effort apart from the usual bash patching.

  6. Not exactly sure where the leg content is but no complaints from me.u/(⌐■_■)

  7. Apparently it is from her IG, she removed it cos people were being assholes.

  8. Yeah vortex wont see it, I also think mo2 says nope.

  9. Such arbitrary limitations are imposed for what purpose, would you speculate?

  10. SKSE is a huge thing when modding now as it allows a massive freedom with scripting. Consoles do not like scripts added due to them thinking it is cheats.

  11. First where you on the correct 1337x, there have been clones the past few weeks.

  12. You really need to lay off the plastic surgery hun.

  13. All Asians are Jeannie but not all Jeannies are Asian.

  14. Ok this is the first HotD meme that has made me laugh.

  15. Um who the fuck is Dream, why should I care about a face reveal and why old tumblr post with different name?

  16. He's a minecraft streamer. Only literal children care about him. He also lied and used a modded copy of the game to achieve a new record speedrun; this "news" broke out of his usual audience and became a bit more of general-interest thing when it happened a year or so ago. Naturally his mostly-children fanbase don't care about someone lying to try and achieve fame, so he's still mega popular.

  17. Thanks, so basically no impact on my life at all.

  18. Um is Helen not like a rubber stretchy type hero? How on earth will her ass get crushed if she can just stretch?

  19. She really does seem to like freeing the nip.

  20. If you look under the game description on

  21. ye, says "DLC is included and activated". it did ask me to install the DLC tho, it just doesn't install because it's pirated. Is there any other way to install the DLC?

  22. Then you already have the dlc installed, the game will read as if it is normal and say you purchased the dlc. You already have and have installed the dlc there is no need to go looking for the dlc else where, just boot up the game and it will be there.

  23. Honored if it ends up being wallpaper for the DG Fam!

  24. Love the deek on bike with the sunset looks amazing.

  25. enjoy! Never had any problems with a fitgirl repack but that 1.6 was total shit , you can tell by the somments on all the torrent sites barely no one can get it to work.

  26. Yeah I tried dodi and fg, but they both repacked the same files, I think something there was broken.

  27. I've found the best (Safest) location for me so far is building on the lily pads in The Pond. There's a twig jutting out of the pond near the juice box that you can walk on to get to large, flat lily pads and bugs have trouble getting to you there when they are aggro'd. Mind, I did have a wolf spider almost jump on one of the lily pads I was building near, so they still can get to you if determined enough but it's hard for them to do so.

  28. Yeah I normally build just past the juice box towards the oak tree on the edge of the pond. I am going to try the lily pads though. I got lucky and my last save reset to day 1 but with all my stuff unlocked so starting off with some good gear lols.

  29. I put mine by the pond. Closest to a juice box (cant remeber the name) near the oak tree. There is a small branch that goes to a lilypad and you can do your base on top of the lilypad.

  30. That iscpretty much where I normally build, but saw so many spiders there since full release.

  31. They look like the wish version of the product.

  32. Um where is the skater girl.... I only see a that on a pink wheelie board.

  33. Why is she squinting like that? Does she have some form of a syndrome?

  34. Low angle so she looks at camera and huge eyelashes.

  35. she will punish them and Seed of the dead are actually pretty solid. Succubus, you need a fucking strong stomach cos that restore health thing is fucked up. I actually quit just cos of that.

  36. What's more disturbing is that they found her through surveillance cameras. We truly have no privacy whatsoever in this country.

  37. Did you miss the part where it states the cameras are in public. Any government is allowed to place cameras or surveillance in any public area for public safety, this especially became true after 9/11 and the Boston bombing.

  38. Ok apart from the charges dismissed but charged in her other cases hmmmm.

  39. That link doesn’t say any thing about the word “nampat”.

  40. Bro you asked for a page I gave you the fucking page.

  41. That couldn’t be the page you were referring to as that page says nothing about the word “nampat”. 🤨. I asked for the specific page you claimed to have seen which attributed the word “nampat” to one of Tolkien’s writings. Not just some random page about Tolkien.

  42. Brah, just bruh, use Google, I told you I can't link cos I am on my phone, you asked for the site I gave you the site, now you still whining like a little bitch, so could you very politely fuck off and bother someone else, no one is trolling you and clearly you don't even understand the term off being trolled.

  43. Horizon Zero Dawn? No survival mechanics but definitely open world shooter. RDR2 also.

  44. I keep looking at horizon but the animal mech thing puts me off a bit, rdr2, I started it but it feels like wild west gta to me so didn't go to far into it maybe 10 hours.

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