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  1. Would you be able to custom make a cat? Mine just passed and this would be awesome to have.

  2. I heard these things can cost more than a car, so sounds about right. Harleys arr stupid expensive.

  3. And soon hell be starting as a LEO in the town over, im sure.

  4. Healthcare collections do NOT show up on your credit score for up to a year. Meaning if you dont pay it, let it go to collections, and pay it off for 1/4 of the price, no negative impact on credit.

  5. I loved loving alone, but after a while my social anxiety started getting out of control because I was never getting out of my comfort zone. I moved into a multi-roommate apartment and Im so much more sociable now as a result.

  6. Guess I should've researched this. Before I say the following know that I feel fine (somehow?)

  7. I would recomend "Cant hurt me" by david goggins. It doesnt cover your issue directly at all, but I can tell it could help out a ton if youre into reading that kind of stuff. My roommate used it to quit his alcohol addiction. The audible version is awesome because they intergrated a podcast style into it.

  8. Your body could be trapped in that for days before it spits you out. They pull dead bodies out of the niagara River all the time. The falls is a popular spot to commit suicide.

  9. I made a documentary about the island. The place in the background is the former power plant of the poison gas factory, the largest ruin still remaining. There's a sign and a small fence outside, but there's no one around so I've been inside several times.

  10. What was the purpose of the factory? When was it built/abandoned?

  11. Last time I checked, me not wearing a helmet while riding isn't going to cause someone else's head to smash onto the road in an accident.

  12. He would still be sitting in prison rn for attempted or actual murder..

  13. when game developers spend more time on game physics than "pretty graphics"

  14. And the graphics (assuming you have a higher end PC) are honestly pretty good as well.

  15. The restaurant has a 4.4 rating on Google. It'd be a shame....

  16. If that stops the wealthy from traveling out and aborting, then maybe it could be an effective measure

  17. They don't need to hop on a plan and leave country. The wealthy can still go to their local doctor and abort. No secrecy/country jumping needed. Money talks.

  18. Current DeWalt has been my thing. Got the batteries fitting in everything from my lawn mower and strimmer, to impact drivers, drills, multi cutters and torches

  19. I can certainly see why you would think that, however no it's a sci-fi book, discussing what is humanity.

  20. I just finished Blade Runner after seeing it in my audible recommended. Is there an order to read them in? I'm going to get Androids once I get another credit, hope I didn't spoil anything for myself (I know, I'm late to the party).

  21. That ones going to pop you out of sleep for a long, long time.

  22. Obviously everyone is different. But I was told never to look into a mirror while on LSD. I looked. For the next 6 hours, I wished I didn't.

  23. Agreed. I was honestly down to have this in my (imaginary) backyard until I noticed the back rests.

  24. On a visibly torn quad muscle, apparently. Which is still not fully healed but functional enough to allow for some short-term showing off.

  25. Which is crazy because according to the date of this post, it could be 100% healed by now.

  26. i mean are you really christian if you read the bible yourself?

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