1. Lmfao imagine trying to unionize a fucking Culver's

  2. Well if that's your line then you have light hex sealed as your light target no?

  3. Lol yeah, I'm just being greedy. I wanted a light that gets me something extra for when I eventually make mirrorjade (or making Mirrojade first and then dragoon later) I just feel like that free foolish of a light is too good not to abuse.

  4. Trust me I agree, I looked through all the potential light targets and the only other thing I saw was staysailor but if you draw it, it's a brick. Unfortunately there's just no great light target too foolish outside of the aforementioned 3. I really like eldlich since he's a main deck boss monster which branded/despia struggles to incorporate but to really make use of him as a boss you'd want to run more of the eldlich stuff which the deck doesn't necessarily have room for, especially if you're running dogmatika and invoked as well.

  5. It activates wherever it was at the time it initially activated the effect. Mythical Beast Jackal activates effect on field, Linkuriboh's effect to set to 0 activates on field, to revive activates in GY, Pathfinder's effect activates on field, Seal's effect to return to hand activates on field, to summon activates wherever it ended up after being tributed, etc. Movement of the card to activate the effect does not change that.

  6. Not OP but I have a follow up question, if you effect veiler exiled force, then exiled force activates its effect and tributes itself, the effect is still negated? I could've sworn back in the day things they tributed themselves as cost got around that, was that ruling changed within the last few years?

  7. You have to hit Eldlich himself or you'll never stop the recycling. Banish him and you basically shut the deck down.

  8. How many cards are in a typical herald deck for the engine? And what would the deck look like if you weren't running ultimateness?

  9. Mainly 2-3 of each Main Deck Herald (Diviner, Orange, Purple, Green) + Ultimateness. Have Herald of Arc Light in the Extra to send with Diviner. Without Mega Disco Ball, the deck is fairly mediocre since you have to send 2 with each Herald

  10. Without drytrons what's the easiest way to bring out ultimateness?

  11. Out of the 3 I got so far this is my favorite idea, mainly because I dont have branded in high spirits and I like gold sarc as a card so ima try this combo out for a bit. Thanks man

  12. Could also run allure of darkness and banish merc in hand to get the same effect and more draw

  13. I could use the branded opening, guardian chimera and super poly. I only need 2 super poly but if you absolutely don't want to split them I'll take all 3. What would the prices be for those?

  14. Hmm, let's actually take out the drolls, they aren't super necessary to pick up right now.

  15. How much for 1 branded banishment, 1 baronne, and 1 artemis?

  16. Hmm how much with fees but without dragoon?

  17. I'll take the dpe stuff then, move to pms?

  18. How much for a deck? How much for the sealed display?

  19. It's a fusion deck that can utilize generic fairy support. The monsters buff one another. I think it is best played going second but for going first you can side in the light barrier statue. Also, superpoly fits in quite well

  20. Cool! Is the engine for it small enough to be splashable or do you think it's better on its own?

  21. Melodious is a fun deck, not super strong but fair enough for more casual settings

  22. I'll look into them, what do they tend to do?

  23. https://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/regional-locations/

  24. Sweet, thank you. Now does topping/winning a regionals qualify you for bigger events or is it a point based system where you just need to play in a certain number of events?

  25. You can earn an invite for the annual North American Championship by doing well enough at a regional.

  26. Awesome, thank you for the information!

  27. Can someone eli5 why slights are so good?

  28. The 2nd haunting reprint of Aluber is sitting around $20 right now should I pick up my playset now or do you guys think it'll drop lower?

  29. A week after release is usually when it’s cheapest, but IMO 20$ a piece is pretty okay

  30. Yeah that's kinda what I was thinking. What're your thoughts on the original secret version's price?

  31. You could run Ghost Ogre or Veiler. Eldlich is a good one too but I believe you want a light monster to banish from gy so that's a no no.

  32. So if I open aleister and branded fusion I can end with mirrorjade and mechaba on board, a light monster banished, and aleister + 3 cards in hand if young first. The only thing I can see that would extend plays with just those 2 opening cards alone is what light monster I'm fusing with from the deck, eldlich is cheeky but doesn't extend plays without giving up on Summoning mechaba so that's what I'm looking at with this question.

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