1. Unless you need tasks done, as a new player, stay away from Factory. The only people that will tell new players to go to Factory are new players and Chads that want to bully new players...

  2. Doesn’t lead to anything good. Bad quest to do.

  3. 50K XP from FP4, Fertilizers and Import is worth far more than the current value of GPUs and BTC. Even at past prices, I still always do this task and the subsequent tasks. There are more GPUs to find or craft but 50K XP goes a LONG way.

  4. Nobody needs a reminder. It's a pistol caliber that most helmets in game are rated for IRL...

  5. Generally, maps don't matter, it's your team size. Queuing solo will always be faster. Once you queue with buddies, expect very long matching times. Could be 5 minutes, could be 30. Longest I've waited in "Matching" was 45+ minutes. This should die down by Monday. Take PTO from work on the first few days of wipe at your own risk lol...

  6. I’ve been queueing solo for 35 minutes

  7. Yikes... Personally, I don't bother with the first few days of wipe if it's during the week. I don't have much time to play during work days and I don't feel like sitting in "matching" for that long when I've only got a couple hours to play. I'll check it out this weekend but won't be expecting much. I've been here since the alpha, so it always makes me laugh when people are like, "I'm taking the next few days off of work to grind EFT, BABY!" Ok, have fun sitting in queue on your days off... LOL

  8. Positive - IR laser/lamps will function as they are intended now, I love it!

  9. Call me crazy, but I think any bullet to the head (with no helmet) should be instant death. Maybe pistol from far away... small chance to survive that. But taking a rifle bullet through a naked head? I don't know if realistically you can survive that. In any distance.

  10. Jerry Miculek can hit a target at 1000m with a 9mm revolver. If that shot lands in someone's face, they are not getting back up. They might survive if it's not a t-box hit or if it strikes their jaw from the side, but they aren't going to remain battle effective.

  11. at 1km muzzle energy and velocity are probably less than 50% at the barrel, so a 9mm has probably 200 ft lbs of energy which is right on the edge of being able to penetrate a skull. I bet a nasty potentially lethal hematoma even if it doesn't though.

  12. Google says 72 J to penetrate human skull, which is about 53 ft lbs. Federal 9mm 124 FMJ is 364 ft lbs at the muzzle. Cut that in half and you're still well above 53 ft lbs. This is minimum requirements obviously and there are an infinite amount of variables that could case the target to survive BUT, EFT can't simulate that, nor should BSG try. A head shot is a head shot and like you said, the initial force of the impact and subsequent potentially lethal hematoma would put you out of the fight. In EFT, that's a dead man.

  13. Bruh, you don't need three copies of the same weapon, just use DIM...

  14. Sweet, can't wait to rebuild my hideout, recollect my containers and redo all the tasks I will be doing for the umpteenth time since the alpha. CAN'T WAIT.

  15. Lighthouse is to USEC and Streets will be to BEAR. Probably best to go USEC if you want to farm rogues on LH. I choose BEAR every wipe for the Summerfield camo and I only go to LH for tasks.

  16. If the game wipes tomorrow or Thursday, the servers will be on fire until Monday. Prepare for 30 minutes matching times on your PTO...

  17. Cool, thanks for reiterating, bot. Once again, doing the lord's work here...

  18. Alternatively, events that Klean has talked about, like periodic patrols appearing on the map consisting of armored vehicles and/or Black Division would be awesome too. This would promote a sense of danger and guaranteed death for being impatient, forcing the player to hunker down for a bit a let the immediate danger pass by. There are plenty of things BSG could do to change up the game play loop and I imagine we will see more and more of these event throughout each wipe as time goes on.

  19. For anyone who doesn't already understand this, when max trader rep is unlocked for all players and everything is 99% off, that is the only true indication/event that signals a wipe is coming in the next few days. Events in general no longer signal wipe, so everyone that has been saying "WiPe iS CoMiNg" for each new event that has happened during this wipe for the past few months, you can calm your nuts, it's actually on Thursday this time... LOL

  20. Your petition to delay the wipe has been recieved. You have delayed the wipe an additional week.

  21. Good, I don't like wipes and I haven't looked forward to any of the wipes since the alpha. Appreciate the help bot, you're doing the lord's work!

  22. Weapons like 1K voices, Sleeper, etc don't really have much purpose except boss damage. It was better with Particle Deconstruction but still probably hits plenty hard on a boss fight with Radiant active and Radiant isn't going anywhere next season. :)

  23. Holy shit, glad you finally got it, thanks for the update. Haha!

  24. LOL this is why I do not enjoy PVP anymore. Either adhere to the meta or get rekt. There is no in between...

  25. LOL the WoD is so worthless in PVP. Aside from providing a bit of difficulty to opponents on capture points, the fact that neutral game can just walk in an rek the user like this is laughable...

  26. Been here since alpha. I don't look forward to wipes. I've done the same tasks, re-leveled my character and hideout numerous times and it gets more stale with each wipe. Also, the first few days of wipe are a shit show and I usually completely avoid them because I don't feel like waiting for half an hour to get into a raid. Fresh wipe combat is cool but as we've seen with mid wipe events, like the event that took traders and the FM away, there are ways for BSG to simulate scarcity to bring back that same fresh wipe combat feel.

  27. Not my cup of tea but once you unlock the catalyst, it's very good. You honestly don't even need to aim, just point at a mob and let loose.

  28. Stash organization/stock piles and max trader rep. Wipes are why I never boost skills or try to get Kappa. Been here since the alpha, never had max strength or stamina and I've never gotten Kappa. I simply don't have the time to get past the low 40s and before the level increase to obtain Kappa, I had no desire to grind BS tasks. Once I can play a character that doesn't wipe, that's when I'll get Kappa. Otherwise, I just play for fun and unlock what I can, when I can. Seen a lot of wipes and while I do enjoy fresh wipe combat, I never look forward to wipes as a whole. I slowly get more and more burnt out on EFT as each wipe happens. Not sure how many I've got in me TBH...

  29. LOL, or we could just pick our anti-champion mods each season...

  30. I only use glaive, hammer and my crown splitter when i play titn

  31. Nice. I recently pulled Crown Splitter back out. With Vorpal, boss spec and radiant all proc'd, it does about 50K per swing and 100K on heavy slam. I haven't ran the numbers but it seems like more DPS than my Falling Guillotine.

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