1. If you’re unlucky at bh you should check out RSO. It’s further out but it’s one of the better clubs. GL ;)

  2. This is why I fast before raves which is super dangerous but the dr**s hit harder and no poop trouble lol

  3. Ty I really enjoyed their stuff “SsSsSs” was mad🤣

  4. https://open.spotify.com/artist/71PtLENUznKmVtOe7iAaa8 https://open.spotify.com/artist/2nj1Nl4UeUI6AwvTwMUrth https://open.spotify.com/artist/0f4ne0cd4tbiZCLzpb1QoX

  5. Eversince is my least favorite, but only because it reminds me of how sad I was back then

  6. Gotta Rock Paper Scissors for last bit of Ket

  7. If you look like a typical drainer you’ll have no issues getting in lol

  8. I thought berghain only opened on Saturday night. Panorama bar is open friday

  9. Just look up a tutorial on how to bleach Jordan icy soles. Ig it would work the same

  10. RSO/Berghain. RSO is far as fuck though

  11. RSO has the roughest security though! One time they basically went so far down my pants the dude touched my dick... No one is allowed to bring in Vape juices and they made my mate literally take of his Doc Martin's! Honestly I have no problem with a tough security but any time I get through there I kinda feel violated afterwards...

  12. That’s super weird I always take stuff in with me and never had anything confiscated. Sounds like harassment, definitely a vibe killer for sure.

  13. Go to Berlin with a plan but no expectations, and don’t base your trip off the Berghain. My advice is get there on a Thursday/Friday, make a few friends explore a few spots (://About Blank, RSO, watergate) to get the feel of Berlin night life and vibe. Then queue for the berghain Sunday afternoon. I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into lol good luck!

  14. Great design! If I saw you on the street I’d definitely strike up a conversation and we would be instant friends.

  15. [Left] Luv Bladee but I’ve had some crazy experiences listening to unknown memory

  16. So now a question, people who have big beautiful down jackets from Rick how do you clean it and how do you store it?

  17. Dry clean/ store in a suit style cloth

  18. Then I suggest you email Rick Owens corp and ask them

  19. I’m a black dude in my early twenties life sucks and that place allows me to reset and leave this shitty reality behind. I’m able to feel free and I love how things just seem to happen by chance. You can meet someone in the garden and all of a sudden you’re going to an afters together. I’m also a music nerd so I appreciate seeing great DJs around a crowd that’s just as appreciative in a space so monumental to music culture. The diversity in the crowd also fueled some of the most interesting conversations I’ve had which shaped the way I see the world td.

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