1. Yikes, that's a carcinogen! I'd air it out outdoors before trying to wash it. Thanks for that good info!

  2. I was going to say freaking hell isn't that a poison

  3. Love Daisy & absolutely freaking love Wenzie! Such an awesome name, I can totally see that working!

  4. I saw Bwthyn Hwyl which means Fun Cottage in Welsh/Cymraeg and was very confused 😂

  5. Seestra. (Sorry, dumb joke for the Orphan Black fans out there.)

  6. Legit where I fell in love with the name! Such an amazing character

  7. WHY would you try to force a nickname? They should be either logical because the original name is super long (Maximilian becomes Max) or grow organically (Susan somehow becomes Dunk because she is amazing at basketball).

  8. The choosing of nicknames before birth is a cultural practice in my particular Welsh sub-culture.

  9. Think this post should have been titled 'nontraditional in the USA'

  10. Sutton. I’ve never known one, but I see it on here all the time. I just don’t get it.

  11. Weirds me tf out because I lived in London

  12. Get a sleep study! I had this for as long as I could remember and it turned out I had very severe sleep apnea. That’s not normal and you might need a CPAP

  13. Oh okay cos I have horrible nightmares and have this 'sleep intrusion' too, used to be much worse & everyday, dont get it all the time anymore. I wonder if it could be sleep apnea?

  14. Seriously, getting a sleep study changed my life. I was falling asleep during haircuts, during root canals, and could fall asleep anywhere in 5-10 seconds flat. Getting a CPAP, I now am tired but it’s not debilitating.

  15. But like why 😂😂 why a bag of eggs??

  16. I love it. This is not the place to get support for a name that isn’t already top 10 on the popularity list.

  17. Oh yes this! Need to hear this as a reminder every now and then, it can be really disheartening to talk about names here when you aren't American & don't have 100% conformative conventional tastes

  18. In Wales Dai is an extremely popular name

  19. Exercising can make period come early???

  20. Think this stranger just got you an A* !

  21. Off the top of my head, the suffix could be tattoo or ink & the link could be . or _ , I'll use whichever I personally think works best but they really are interchangeable ofc

  22. Celtic also includes Wales & we have been celebrating Samhain pre-Celtic era (as have all Celtic nations I believe)

  23. Oh sweet lord this is such a good idea!! I'm addicted to noodles & the stim would be amazing

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