1. Thanks mate! That was exactly what I was looking for! How far before the game is the GA locations generally released?

  2. They're already up! The locations are Level 1 – Aisles 45-47 & 1-6 and Level 3 - all aisles. Note that some of the front rows on Level 3 will be reserved seating

  3. I’ll preference this by saying i am absolutely not throwing shade at Darcy Vescio (they’re a star of the game) but having them on the cover doing a kicking acting feels a bit weird since there’s already an AFLW player with an iconic kicking action in Taylor Harris

  4. Interesting that they didn't put Cripps on the cover though. They should of just put him and Ally Anderson on the cover to make it simple

  5. Why is Darcy and Trac on the cover? Really weird choices imo

  6. When are you visiting? Tickets from rounds 1-15 are on sale currently with rounds after that yet to be announced. Also only get tickets from ticketmaster or ticketek as they are the only official ticket sellers of the AFL

  7. Can zurhaar crying right now while thinking about his next cooking instagram post and watching the Horne Dog tear shit up with a real club

  8. Harry Sheezel after his debut game is better than all of JHF's games combined

  9. Good choice, we're the best team in the comp going back to back in 21 and 22

  10. Why the fuck is bergman in instead of phillips, hopefully goldstein is out so he can play his 300th in Melbourne but it's still bizzare

  11. Dogs fans definitely, one of the reasons the dogs are my second team.

  12. You can get a North Melbourne international membership for $131.25 USD which includes Watch AFL. Still pretty pricey but is $20 USD cheaper than a regular Watch AFL membership plus it includes a north scarf and member pack.

  13. Fuck, Essendon fans you've got yourself a gem

  14. Premiers, 16 game winning streak, fantastic trade/recruit period, somehow ranked third. I’m fine with that. Jake never rates Geelong. He always has a reason why they can’t.

  15. Get over yourself for fuck's sake, maybe you're not rated as highly as the other teams because you just got smashed by Brisbane

  16. How am I supposed to take this shit seriously when some shit club who couldn’t be bothered to support AFLW early like my team, can just come in and take all our good players like it’s nothing?

  17. Completely agree with you, Hawthorn pushed against an AFLW team for so long

  18. It also says on Big Ant's website that the retailers for the game are JB Hi-Fi and EB Games but when you click on the links they provide it sends you to the store's homepage

  19. It was quite popular in NSW and Queensland in the late 1800s but fell out of fashion because the sport was called "Victorian Rules" back then.

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