1. It’s one of the few dances I truly couldn’t believe wasn’t a 40. I think it was better than their jive which did get a 40.

  2. Anyone remember when Jonathan went on a British dating show and went out with a girl who looked exactly like Kim?

  3. Honestly… it’s shitty and horrible. You didn’t even give her a chance.

  4. Tbh I don’t get why they have male celebs do the Argentine Tango as it’s such a dance to show off the female partner

  5. Can play a drinking game with the threads on this topic at this point.

  6. Thank you for your response. Based on the, to be fair, very limited experience of one other immigrant friend, she was able to leave and come back for another 6 month stint 3 times, totaling a year and a half, before she was stopped for questioning, and was still able to return one more time after that for another 6 months. After that point, she got married to a UK resident and came over on a marriage visa. I've also seen people online saying that you can possibly do these "visa runs" for one to one and a half years with minimal problems. For sure not a secure plan, and that scares me, but that's what I'm hoping to be able to do.

  7. Just because someone else did it successfully for awhile doesn’t mean the same will happen to you.

  8. Do you mean the plan to rent an unfurnished place for a year? I've already scrapped that; I agree.

  9. I mean trying to come here while searching. I said before why it’s bad. There is a high chance you could get banned from entering the country.

  10. This is a more rare visa, especially on here, so you are unlikely to get a lot of feedback.

  11. Have a cat who’s the same way. Only thing that worked for me was sitting in the backseat with her, wrapping her in a blanket so she couldn’t escape, and holding her so she could see out the window.

  12. If it’s not printed on your BRP you need to apply for it.

  13. It’s going to depend on how strict your university is. I wouldn’t do it though. You’ve already missed 1/4th of your required attendance. That’s a lot.

  14. Sort of a tangent but I am a little shocked Katya is still there after what happened. It makes me wonder if the marriage was rocky anyway, because I can’t imagine staying at a workplace where you had had an affair AND your ex still worked. You’d think “public opinion” would have pushed her out. But I adore Katya so I’m glad she’s still there. But I don’t think Neil’s creepy.

  15. Applications from South Africa don't have the option for priority. I think Italy Applications do have priority. If you can afford it definitely choose priority. But just be 100% sure you meet All requirements at the date of application. Otherwise you run the risk of paying twice and losing time 🙁 Goodluck with your application. For what it's worth I think if you can find a way, even if it's difficult, it will be worth it. It is very difficult, and I can only imagine how much harder it would be with missing your wife and your child. This community is really great though and does offer some comfort in that you find answers to your questions and more guidance than UKVI offer. Goodluck with your application 🤞

  16. Priority is currently suspended worldwide (except for applications within the UK) for spouse visas.

  17. Yes he has say in her life. He pays her school fees only. He doesnt make decisions on her medicals. I am doing a postgraduate degree which allows me to go with dependents.

  18. Unfortunately you will be unlikely to get her dependent visa approved then. You have to prove sole responsibility, which means the other parent has no presence in her life. Read more here:

  19. Thank you for the prompt response. If I need to prove sole responsibility, what documents would I need. Denying her visa would mean me stayinh behind with her. She cannot be left behind.

  20. I would recommend speaking to a solicitor in this case.

  21. No. She can’t leave the country while the application is under consideration and it will be voided if she leaves. Furthermore, if she is outside the country when her current visa expires her ILR clock will reset and she will have to apply for another spouse visa from outside the UK.

  22. Thanks for the response. There's no problem (aside from cost) with her extending her spousal visa now though right? And then applying for IDL when we return?

  23. I suppose, but that is a very expensive option for three months of travel. You will have to pay the whole 2.5 year visa fees and NHS fees and won’t get any of that back when you apply for ILR.

  24. You only need to prove the financial requirement in one way. So if you meet the income requirement no need to show savings.

  25. Thank you. This helps a lot. Are there other requirements that we need to prioritize or be careful with in terms of preparation? How was your experience?

  26. All requirements are equally important. It’s a box ticking exercise. I haven’t applied for this visa myself.

  27. There are quite a few services free to anyone, you can see them here:

  28. Have you tried pill pockets? Even my cat who hates treats ate them. They’re helpful because you can smoosh the pill onto the side so it’s harder to separate.

  29. Spaying usually involves removing the uterus. If they spayed her, then she is not pregnant. I’d take her into the vet.

  30. LAOP - wait sorry, his brother - could have been regularly sending her money for the duration of the relationship.

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