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[OC] The man who is going to unseat Marjorie Taylor Greene, Marcus Flowers

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  1. I'm a Rams fan, and love Murray getting shat upon, but I think that quote has been mangled so many times.

  2. NFL has a maximum amount of time teams are allowed on the practice field for practice. He's not practicing more than anyone else.

  3. I have no scientific background to prove this, but I believe that being rich and famous for a long time (or born into wealth) messes with your mind

  4. Chicfila isn't fast either when idiots line up for it down the block thinking it's the best chicken ever made. These places usually have mashed potatoes, rolls, beans, collard green, corn etc. As sides and it's still fast because you know, it's still fried chicken.

  5. DAmn it you're making me crave a restaurant chicken meal now. Oh boy. mashed potatoes. Fuck.

  6. Google the best fried chicken place in town and go support them.

  7. How about "face down ass up" where you get in the car upside down and the safety bar comes down around the back of your knees?

  8. I agree, she didn't commit any crime unless the cop arrested her for public nudity and possibly running from the police.

  9. Refusing to be trespassed and harassment are crimes.

  10. I don’t get it at all. I think it’s super weird. Yes, she showed her butt quickly - it may not be the smartest thing to do - but WTF makes it OK to taze her? I’m sure the Taliban morality police would agree completely, but it’s utterly inappropriate for a modern western democracy to deal with mooning in that way.

  11. Harassment, refusing to leave after being trespassed, resisting arrest and fleeing.

  12. I'm curious as to the gender split of the chapters. Don't have time to whip out a calculator right now though.

  13. It's shocking that he only made one. KJ wasn't an All Pro or anything but he played like a Pro Bowler most years I'd say other than like 2019

  14. He did his job and did it well. I can't remember a time he blew his coverage or missed a tackle.

  15. Can you even park that close to a corner in California? They allow it in Oregon and it's irritating as hell.

  16. He has fuck you-level money yet isn't an asshole

  17. Impressive since he was a child actor as well.

  18. May not be eli5, but at least it's accurate, unlike the rest of these answers.

  19. What's with the recent deluge of people thinking eli5 is meant for literal five year olds?

  20. Why don't you try reading that answer to ten random people off the street, and see if they understand it? It's not about literal 5 year olds, it's about being comprehensible to the average adult. Sadly, gravity is difficult to understand, and more difficult to describe, to folks who don't have a reasonable grasp of historical physics, and fewer and fewer folks these days have even that.

  21. If you can't assume a layperson having a middle school grasp of physics then you're pretty much left to explaining it to literal five year olds. There's nothing in this answer to confuse even a fairly slow adult.

  22. Anthony’s is not worth the price for fairly boring food and I have had a couple absolutely terrible meals there. Normally it’s well prepared for what it is, and their locations are nice, but it’s just really bland, uninspired food. It’d be nice if they went a little more modern with their menu, or at least designed a menu for people under 55.🤷‍♂️

  23. Am I the only one that's circling back to Ivar's for some god damn half decent fish and chips and chowder?

  24. I recently found out they're all franchised which is why they're so different.

  25. I’m 39 and I can’t honestly tell you the last time I put a stamp on something.

  26. I'm 29 and in the last few years I've sent out wedding invitations, thank you cards, Christmas cards, correspondence to my mortgage company, baby shower invites, baby shower thank yous.

  27. Not true. I know where she lives. I went to an estate sale there with a friend who is in real estate before she moved in and found out afterward she had bought the house. She moved before she was elected but did not live in the 14th prior to running. I still think her opponents did not raise that point loudly enough. I am still scratching my head over how she beat a well-known doctor that practices in the area. Most people in the 14th are indeed uneducated, but they aren't bad people, just super religious to the point of ignoring what they see with their own eyes. I've lived here all my life and there is a strong blue crowd that is trying...

  28. How frequently are guys forced to retire due to neck injuries? Honestly just wondering how frequent it is across the league. Crazy we have had 3 premier players be forced into retirement in the past 5ish years from neck injuries. Glad we are doing them all right money wise though. They played their hearts out for us.

  29. He's the fourth. Avril, Chancellor, Carson, Lockette.

  30. Yes we will. This company might have a case based on the business space they are in, but I kinda doubt it.

  31. It matters that there is substantial likelihood of confusion. Having the exact name doesn't matter. METAx can very easily be confused for being a VR division of Meta.

  32. Just like The Wrestler except the final shot will be of him sitting down with a 24 piece bucket of KFC.

  33. You take an uber/lyft for a 1.5 mile journey to work, $32/day?! Who are you, Jeff Bezos?

  34. This person discovered a deal of a lifetime. Spend $14 on three miles of travel instead of $32. We've got a financial genius here.

  35. We as in the people involved in this particular discussion....? Why are you trying to pick a fight?

  36. You're not coversing with those people, you're conversing with me

  37. Hey there! Not to be that person but, we should maybe talk about the person who is thought to have comissioned this installation. Theyre (allegedly) fairly involved with The KKK and white supremacy so, terms like "guide reproduction wisley" may not actually be as innocuous as you think.

  38. It says to seek diversity in the very same sentence. I think this is less about eugenics and more about not arranging marriages with your cousins for generations until you're rife with genetic defects like European royalty.

  39. I'd say they're both quite fucking garbage but the EC is better than a direct majority. All the vermin from california new york florida and texas shouldnt determine how the entire country runs.

  40. Yeah we're always hearing about the tyranny of majority in all the other countries without the EC. You seem to be really good at regurgitating an 8th grade understanding of civics and politics.

  41. Wayyyy bigger fish to fry with what they're teaching our kids these days, especially in Western Washington.

  42. Damn western Washington indoctrinating kids on how to have a powerful economy and highly rated schools.

  43. Is this a Wes Anderson flick?

  44. You airports in the revolutionary War?

  45. From basic theory, which is how I figured it out for myself.

  46. And why is a spycam emitting IR?

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