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  1. I.... I swear baby, its a practical joke. It's not mine, I promise you!

  2. One receipt for "Alabama-Made FrankenUtes And Me (This Sort of Thing Is My Bag, Baby)" signed by

  3. But then why throw a fit if he goes to a hotel. It seems OOP was trying to be accomodating and everyone was just being assholes because Daddy said so.

  4. The hotel is outside the in-laws' area of control, and to not come back to the house after specifically being told to is additionally going against the in-laws' 'authority.'

  5. Its a call back to the civil rights era when pools started to be de-segregated. Instead of tolerating black people also using the public pools, they simply shut them down. No pools for anyone.

  6. Pugged H+Occ yesterday for the daily. Wiped two or three times in the first hallway.

  7. As a tank, that first hallway has always suckeddd.

  8. Oh, for sure. Add in Mirror Images and it's just chaos, esp if the dps is tunneling. I think it's a big reason why no one panicked.

  9. I'd swear that was a dog chew if not for the grain on the cut end.

  10. The Slashdot effect was the original Reddit Hug of Death (+4, Insightful)

  11. No biggie. Now go look up the jolly rancher story, the Colby story, and the Boston bomber story.

  12. Not terrible (like the original new LA Rams one) but I'm glad they didn't change it.

  13. I use macros for my pet summons, so I can hover over the icon and see, e.g., "Summon Luluum" for my felhunter. The UI puts a count in the corner of the icon for how many felhunters I could summon if I wanted to - this is obv a count of all the shards I have in my bag. I do this for all my pets.

  14. I hate being slapped in row 20. Hurts like a bitch

  15. Holy shit, the old codger did it. He actually cared about living children who were already born.

  16. Wow nice! I have only about 500, but i started playing year ago! My boyfriend have almost 6000

  17. My highest toon has about 5500, but the wife is pushing 7k. It can be a fun little mini-game, and they can also give titles for your character.

  18. "Running," isn't that what the quarterback is for?

  19. I think they came more than once a day, if you know what I mean

  20. In all seriousness, there was a time when the mail came twice a day, decades ago. USPS says the practice generally ended in 1950.

  21. We call dibs. He fuckin' owned the Bills for nearly two decades anyway.

  22. "I went looking for a fight, and then had to defend myself, your honor"

  23. "I crossed state lines as a minor, with a rifle and three people died because of my actions ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "

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