1. They let you use the washroom, even if you don't buy anything.

  2. One day the drains overflowed at my work and we couldn't use the toilets or sinks for a bit. We had to go to Tim's to use the bathroom. The employees need to press a button to unlock the bathroom doors and told two of my coworkers that they were too busy to unlock the bathroom and to come back later.

  3. It's the only place selling tea in the plaza I work in. But we recently got a new water dispenser that also does boiling water so I'm going to bring my own mug and tea bags to work. (Company provided a coffee maker, cream and sugar but nothing for us tea drinkers)

  4. I am more interested in how they are not to use their phones for any reason ever on the clock....so if a fire starts, can't call 911- sorry! Just get out and get customers out and let it burn I guess!

  5. They would be told to use the landline. They'd have to pass by the landline to get to the staff area where their belongings are stored.

  6. WNY here. It's all we have other than dunkin and it's a hit or miss at either. I have a whole experience with dunkin but Timmy hoes donut holes r better and they make better sandwiches at least. And around my area, they actually pay 15.50/hr which is well above what most people make even with 2 years of school.

  7. I'm thinking the William part refers to William Bowery, who we know isn't a real person. OP is saying William is Taylor confessing she is William Bowery because of Will I Am. And also joking about the "mispelling" of Hyannis in the lyrics for Everything Has Changed. Taylor spelled it Hyiannis and we speculate it's because the song is about Dianna Agron. HyIANNis dIANNa.

  8. I love this so much. I saved it and sent it to my sister who replied with ❤️ and my husband who replied with "No".

  9. I laughed so hard at it! I got a gif back from my boyfriend saying "what's the opposite of thank you?" lol

  10. Tag yourself. I'm "Neighbour Cat that shouldn't eat more" 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Thank you all. I’m trying to frame it as a celebration of her time with us. She was drooly and needy and took full advantage of the fact that not all the popcorn I aimed at my mouth made it there. But she also looked at every single time I was horizontal as an opportunity to find a warm place to lie down. I’ll miss that.

  12. I was blessed to share 18 years with the love of my life. It fucking hurt when she passed, but I knew she had a fantastic life and spent every day being loved and cared for. I know Clementine had the best life with you and I'm so glad she got to be part of your family. Rest in peace popcorn-thief Clementine ❤️❤️❤️

  13. The polygamous Brown family on TLCs Sister Wives, has a Mykelti. I've bnever heard that name before or since learning about this family. They are also from Utah. Possibly even somewhat famous there. I wonder if this is where the inspiration for the name came from.

  14. The actor Mykelti Williamson and I think it was pronounced “Michael T” by him.

  15. I've never heard of him! I'll go do a google.

  16. Definitely see a doctor. My sister had a similar issue in high school and missed a ton of one of her last years. She was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease.

  17. Beautiful. I love it. Congratulations!

  18. "Wow! Using family names - what a fresh thought!"

  19. tbf to kill a mockingbird is required reading in high school for gen y and z at least, so it is kinda common in that sense

  20. It's also Amelia and Link's baby's name on Grey's Anatomy.

  21. I read everything in this thread in the appropriate voice.

  22. That first one is Midnight isn't it? Sad face.

  23. I just saw this on FB and came straight here to you guys 😄

  24. "You're the one who decided to be distracted by it" - what an unnecessarily bitchy thing to say. Wow.

  25. She had a dream before her pregnancy where a little boy said Hi Mommy, I'm Axel James. So that's what she named her son.

  26. I thought I heard that they agreed no one would name their child after Kody because it wasn't fair that only one mom could do that. Was never able to remember where I heard it. But really believed it more when I found out Solomon's middle name is Kody. Be a Robyn thing to do.

  27. On My Five Wives, the first son that each wife has is named Brady MiddleName and they go by the middle name. So lkke Brady Matthew, Brady Thomas etc and they're called Matthew and Thomas. I thought that was a diplomatic way to do it.

  28. I think both Aaron Hernandez and Chris Benoit's behaviour and then murders were caused by CTE. I think if neither of them got into sports/wrestling they wouldn't have engaged in destructive behaviours. The sports world they were both in contributed to what happened.

  29. Chris and Aaron both knew what they were doing was wrong. They both took steps to protect themselves after their crimes. They were not out of their minds incompetent.

  30. I don't disagree with any of this. But I question if either of them would have murdered anyone if they hadn't been in super macho testosterone filled areas AND sustained multiple head traumas. I hope more studies are done on it and I hope certain sports stop being played. I doubt football will ever be banned, especially in the US so CTEs will be around and hurting people for more decades to come.

  31. My two voids are the most mischievous and destructive cats I've ever had.

  32. I can't think of any cases that I watched/listened to after thr fact, but watching the news coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing, Sandy Hook, Parkdale and Uvalde made me cry. Sandy Hook especially. I bawled for days.

  33. Same. I will never rewatch the Netflix documentary.

  34. I will not watch it. I avoid anything to do with children.

  35. I would not have recognized her if I saw this in a magazine or on social media.

  36. Yesssssss False God made it. Now Wonderland please.

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