1. Wish someone would sue them for how awfully they perforate the corner of their boxes. So fucking difficult to open lol.

  2. This morning laying in bed with my partner ಥ‿ಥ

  3. Probably a very lukewarm take but 47 > New Era

  4. Pan dude here, I was always partial to the M3 Lee

  5. I like how sporty it looks lol. It’s not like a huge overbearing tank like I think of when I normally hear the word.

  6. Ebayers can be so dense sometimes. I had an antique knife listed for $60 and some chucklefuck offers me $25, so I counter with $75 and he tells me I need to “learn how to eBay”. I emailed him a screenshot of the winning $95 bid and told him HE was the who needed to learn lol.

  7. I have never watched porn with another person except my wife.

  8. My first serious partner was astounded that I’d never viewed porn in a group. The thought is unnerving af lol

  9. With the subie out front even. This is peak white people shit.

  10. Today is my first day at the new gig actually. Free from Amazon…

  11. Gathered that, but my question is how does that physically happen?

  12. In general, its almost always user-error. Not gripping correctly. When the weapon recoils after firing, the user’s grip will loosen and expose that patch of skin.

  13. You’re avoiding the pertinent point, which is that your religion clearly takes issue with queer people. To say we’re all born heterosexual is big smooth brain territory.

  14. Yeah I made a remark at a meeting and was told to leave and don't let the door hit me in the ass. Was stunned and others walked away too. Use to run a few sites and funneled funds to the party and wrote articles and shut them all down. I been pretty hardcore for decades and being told to get out felt insulting.

  15. Yeah me too. A certain couple I won't name started the ball rolling on the exodus. I had fought so hard to just get the party on the ballot to see all that hard work by many go to waste.

  16. “Certain couple” is all you had to say lol

  17. This would definitely be my guess. It looks almost identical to the piece I place coffee grounds in on my camp coffee pot, albeit this one is a bit smaller.

  18. I rate him as a footballer, but as a human, he’s garbage. Hard to feel sorry for him.

  19. Yup, and it was heavily intertwined with democrat vote targeting. When they let the Republicans bully them into closing it, they lost a huge chunk of campaigning knowledge, voter information, grassroots campaigners, etc.

  20. The Dems are forever playing West Wing while the GOP plays Game of Thrones.

  21. More than that, it was one of the targets of Project Veritas, you know them right? The fucking grifters who deceptively and selectively edit videos to make things look different than they are in order to own the libs.

  22. Ooooh yeah. Lol. Fuck James O’Keefe forever. Saw someone telling Elon to “bring back Project Veritas too” in a thread about Trump and Alex Jones.

  23. We are different! I am watching because holding Qatar to a standard I haven’t held any other host country to is dumb af.

  24. When you consider how much intelligence goes into getting a CDL, it’s astounding how many truck drivers turn out to be total morons

  25. Getting a CDL takes a while but nothing about it is hard lol. Any idiot can get it.

  26. Parallel parking a truck and trailer was not easy but clearly the bar needs to be higher.

  27. Except it was an accident perpetrated by the Ukrainians

  28. You're holding a thick text book. Someone starts to throw darts at you. You use the text book to deflect the darts and at some point you accidentally lose grip on the book and it flies across the room and hits someone else.

  29. That doesn’t make for a funny meme though 😞

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