1. I don't mind it as a thing - where someone is usually into one gender meets someone just right for them who happens to be the other gender.

  2. All the people going "Oh its bad" don't seem to get that this is a real phenomena. There are people on the bisexual spectrum with extreme preferences for one gender, but very rare attraction to the other. Its entirely plausible for that attraction to literally be "I like women and Bob." Yes, technically its a form of bisexuality, but expecting every person to understand that is silly. A character might identify as straight but "I also really like Bob and love him and want to be with him but he's the only man I've ever felt this for." This happens in the real world. Its not 'outdated' or 'only acceptable as a sexuality crisis' its literally a real thing.

  3. Yep. I actually knew a woman who identified as lesbian, but married her husband because (in her words), "He's my exception."

  4. Thanks! I do not mind WOT, on the contrary :D Actually all the characteristics of Ryuutama listed so far make it perfect for my type of games and my type of players, we are hugely invested in the roleplay side of the game. Like you I don't like crunchy systems, to me, rules are there to create a simple, fair, shared, common ground that puts everyone under the same laws. For example, I have recently published a Bronze-Age game where every character has a certain number of "Hybris Points", the more hybris points, the more terrible events will happen during the game: from nightmares to epidemics, now I provide a lot of examples and different ideas, but in the end, it's up to the GM / Players to play. Mechanically forcing certain "events" with specific "numbers" attached to them might not suit the story being told. In short, I think rules should be like lego pieces: solid, simple, and there to be creatively used.

  5. Sure, no problem! I used to run a Patreon where I was doing trpg portraits to share with people.

  6. Nice! Your style truly fits the aesthetic of the game. I am curious, have you also created some scenes/environments for Ryuutama?

  7. I've played with AI generators. I've never published anything I "co-wrote" with an AI before, but I considered doing it since it's possible to create some great stuff that way.

  8. Authors can have their wheelhouses. Nothing wrong with it, and readers might follow you specifically for that thing.

  9. I believe this is what Licheom is about. You could also play Magus this way. Both are journalling games.

  10. Providing a link for Lichdom since it might be more convenient that way!

  11. I've definitely seen people say they use subscriptions as either an "extra kudos" or even a bookmark (as they find it more convenient than the bookmarks feature). So that should help!

  12. Oh wow that's awesome! It sounds like they're really popular. Amazing work. I'm so curious I really want to read your stuff!!! I know we can't link but do you have a title and or your username I could search for those completed fics?

  13. That's really lovely of you to ask! (And, btw, if someone asks for a link to a fic, it's okay to share, so no harm asking people about their fics if you're interested!)

  14. I have a Power/Adrenaline Junkie/Competency Kink going on. It's just how it is XD

  15. Yeah, I was going to call out the competency kink specifically too. Competence is sexy.

  16. As long as it's about the fic, or at least about canon, I don't mind how short or long it is!

  17. You're always going to have fewer people moving on to the next story in a series. It is the nature of series, even in traditional publishing.

  18. Ooooh, now I want to write an OC about someone abducted just before their favorite fic's finale.

  19. I've been asked if it'd be okay if they translated a story and been flattered. I know many readers of that language read my work via machine translation and can't help but feel like someone translating it might be able to convey it better than a MTL.

  20. Since you mention Ironsworn, allow me to toot my own horn for my channel “Me, Myself and Die” on YouTube. My entire second season was using Ironsworn. Fair warning: I run that game solo, but as a 40+ year GM, I’d still suggest a) you might get something useful out of it and b) you might find it entertaining. I do try to make it fun to watch :)

  21. Actually came here to recommend you! So +1ing the self-rec!

  22. I'm not sure anything would make me orphan a work. Maybe make it anon and shuffle it to an account where it was out of sight; out of mind. But orphan...?

  23. What sort of reader are you aiming for? (You can't answer "everyone" because "everyone" isn't a good answer. Not even Disney aims for "everyone". That's how you get something no one likes because it's so watered down.)

  24. You're first question is such a valid question that I haven't thought about besides 'people who like the ship' and trope.

  25. I don't mind at all! I know very well how much writing it all out helps. :) And sharing it means that someone else might learn too.

  26. Sounds like something that would involve sharing my password with a third party so... no. Not on your life.

  27. Most of the time I don't get asked - but it may be because I have a blanket permission in my AO3 profile anyway. 😄 (It would never occur to me to want people to ask first anyway, which is why I use the blanket permission.)

  28. I'm not likely to notice anything unless it's pretty blatantly incorrect.

  29. You might also be interested in Mythic Magazine! I hear nothing but good things about the articles that can help you do specific things using the Mythic System.

  30. This is my usual method. (Liberally using breaks to make this easier to read):

  31. As an author, I like responding back to all (non-troll) comments.

  32. Comment anxiety? Does that mean it’s possible someone really liked my fic but only gave kudos cuz commenting is a lot for them? That makes me feel better about not getting a lot of comments

  33. Yes, exactly! If I enjoyed it, I'll kudos. If I really liked it, I'll bookmark. If I liked it enough to remember it when I see someone looking for a story just like it, I'll be sure to recommend it. But commenting? It's almost as bad as calling someone on the phone.

  34. Another question is - did your friend set the fic to show only to logged in users, and are you logged in while looking for it?

  35. I'm an author - I know just how much comments mean to people.

  36. That’s what I was going to say. I love getting comments, but when it comes to leaving them, I just think like saying “this was cool” seems so lame. Meanwhile, I love getting comments that just say “this was cool.”🥴

  37. Yes! I'm usually still processing the story when it's time to leave a comment, and there's this log jam where all that makes it through is, "I liked the story, thanks!" and if I really dig deep I can add something like, "I really liked [part x]." or "How character A & B interacted."

  38. I encourage writers to write whatever length the story needs. But you did ask for "ideal" length so...

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