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  1. The time they tricked a huge mainstream sports star into crashing through a table onto a cement floor he thought was padded.

  2. “You know what would make AEW mainstream? Gun violence!”

  3. The personal experiences I have had with unions was nothing but bad. The employees that caused issues never got in trouble, but those that spoke out against that fact always got in trouble. For example, I was physically pushed by a massive Haitian into the gas stove that was lit and had boiling water on it, because he didn’t like where I put the pan. Who got written up? Me, because i got a burn and “wasn’t being careful”. Another time, same guy, rigged the steamer so it wasn’t releasing all the pressure it should, so I opened it and got a massive burn on my stomach. Again, he got away scott free and I got written up.

  4. The fact that you pointed out the guy’s ethnicity says a lot.

  5. We need to know how much you bet in the first place.

  6. Such a great tactic for an upstart #2 promotion to have cast offs from the #1 promotion come in and call the #2 promotion’s people rejects who couldn’t make it in the #1 promotion.

  7. It could work if the castoffs were heels. But what do I know I’m not Booker of the Year.

  8. Write this is an amazing photosh— wait what?

  9. Male wrestlers do this all the time without anyone noticing but when it happens in a women’s match it’s a huge scandal.

  10. You’re honestly better off staying at an on-property resort. The early park entry and convenience of the monorail, Skyliner or ferry are huge time-savers vs. waiting for shuttles all the time. I went this summer and it wasn’t great to pay cash, but I earned a ton of points for my next trip.

  11. One of those two “facts” has to be wrong by definition.


  13. I don't how long his contact is with AAA but maybe Hijo Del Vikingo?

  14. This is the correct answer

  15. They put together a list of fans’ favorite shows and then they pick concerts that aren’t on that list.

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