my dad took this picture of my cat

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My team and I printed the first ever Benchy in zero gravity. It took 20 seconds to print using CAL, a type of volumetric printing.

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  1. I recall an effort 5-10 years ago to source a new plastic for the bricks - the 'old' plastic was ABS - an very tough long lasting plastic with a big carbon footprint. The goal was to find something that wasn't petroleum based - like PLA which is biodegradable and renewable, used in a lot of 3d printers, but nowhere near as strong or long lasting as ABS. My guess is the plastic in new bricks is different than in old.

  2. I think second edition “top secret” had an elegant solution that accomplished this same idea with a d100. You have a sixty percent chance of hitting someone. Percentile or under was a hit. Tens die was degree of success or damage. The more skilled you are the more damage you can do. Ones die was hit location. Higher single digits were hit locations more likely defended (head)

  3. So unfocused and they keep on layering new stuff instead of resolving old ones. I LOVED the second fantastic beasts movie with grindelwald so charasimativ and making impassioned pleas (the mushroom cloud was chilling). This latest movie lacked all subtlety- the wizard president gets picked by a goat. Wtf was that?!

  4. I’m looking for an ooooold ad&d supplement that wasn’t published by tsr / wotc. It wasn’t and adventure or setting, it was four locations:

  5. Definitely 3rd party. Way before OGL as well. Same company did a big elf book too.

  6. At this point the art is part of the charm. Always reminded of a LE: Alien card featuring Parker, and the art made him look like Jimi Hendrix with Down's syndrome. I always assumed they had given up on likeness rights or something similar.

  7. The actress who played Vasquez had a contract that prohibited use of her image in games - so she isn’t in alien legendary. Made me sad. Wait, is she on that one Gorman card with a grenade!?

  8. I’m still waiting for seasons 7 to 11 for x-files legendary. Soooo much air in that box. My aliens game is nice and packed.

  9. The British Invasion of NYC at the start of the revolutionary war.

  10. If you are working on day water pumps, your coworkers may be trolling you.

  11. I’m an old dog (50) but a local friend (33) and I could be interested.

  12. Just rewatched this with our 21-year-old who was like, no way a show about talking from 2001 isn't cheesy AF. Two weeks later, she's sobbing at that finale. Six thumbs up!

  13. I also had tears streaming down my face. When I realized what was happening it was amazing how:

  14. One of the lamest most anticlimactic fights I ever played was a four month long campaign and I was killed in turn one before my first action like this, while my pc was sitting at a dinner. I didn’t make bad tactical decisions. The gym set the scene, and the first thing that happens is I died. No agency at all. I also love character death. My favorite gaming moment of the decade was a different PC that made a choice to dive into a situation that was likely deadly but would save the rest of the party. Totally died, but did it willing and heroically.

  15. I can’t shake the feeling that this cat has a Brooklyn accent.

  16. I just about shat myself. Baaaaaad phrasing.

  17. Could we get a link for to a high res pic?

  18. Folks in Portsmouth are ten times nicer to strangers than any place I’ve ever lived BUT twice as hard make significant friends ships. Wife and have been here four years and we are JUST starting to feel like we have a solid community.

  19. Kimlat's Roadrunner Cull is soooo far beyond anything I'm capable of.

  20. Likely the shelves also have a “third rail” like subway trains to charge this guy

  21. If anything it's a simpler resin printer, you project light through it and then rotate the resin, as it spins you show the profile of the part from each angle through the resin, the volume that's always illuminated will be the part which comes out solid, the only moving part is the spinning cylindrical tank, no leveling, no stepper, no layers

  22. Locks on all of the grates that led to the steam tunnels at my college.

  23. That gave me damn goosebumps! What the heck is it from?!

  24. Creepy aspect ratio. Apparently a ton of problems too.

  25. Wait, my dog’s name is Penny and this looks nothing like her! ;-)

  26. Spider-Man into the spider verse covers this nicely.

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