Elon Musk sold 20,174,196 shares of Monday through Wednesday, worth north of $3B

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  1. Lol. Even the best influencers out there are confused. Some claim it's bull run while others say it's a trap.

  2. Absolutely, I felt this way when I first came to crypocto

  3. thats a fuggin 5% return homie who wouldn't be stoked about that

  4. 5% in Crypto isn't much tbh, but ya...it always feel gud when u start making profits

  5. Damn imagine if you didn’t care about outliving your friends/family and you put your finances into compounding interest accounts and went there 😂

  6. Gordon Ramsay would be proud of you😂

  7. Thank you! We ended up having about 15 kids and 30 adults over. I prepped as much as I could 2 days prior and started cooking from 4am and finished off by 2pm

  8. He will never try Hershey's chocolates again!

  9. The girlchild reminds me of our political leaders (attention-seekers)

  10. Bro, That was an insult to CR7😂 (Excuse: Just A meme)!!!

  11. Wait a minute, boys, BTC is rising

  12. Cool, that's what every crypto bull is waiting for!

  13. Stop voting for people who profit by keeping you in slums. Easy solution.

  14. Lol, then you've to go for NOTA option!

  15. Over the last year he has sold over 26 billion worth of TSLA shares

  16. Artists roaming around the streets after being fired!

  17. You can’t even see how many NFT he has in the right pic though.

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