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  1. NA sadly bois but been thinking lately of trading it in for the 22 N. Anyone out there with one give me a personal review of it please and thank you!

  2. I got mine yesterday after I 100% banjo kazooie. Hands down one of their best flavors

  3. Just remember good for health, bad for education... I love both of these

  4. Double Bell P90, 13:1 gears, CYMA Platinum motor, Perun P90 mosfet, custom Bren style M4 mag adapter. All other internals are stock.

  5. Donโ€™t have mirror turn signals I do have bsm

  6. You can wire them in but from what I read it's a bitch to do unless you know what's what cause you pretty much have to splice the wires if the connection isn't already there

  7. Yeah your car's the turbo... but it doesn't have the turbo headlights or the turbo mirrors so, in theory it'll be a plug-in play as long as the wiring harness is there but that's weird I've never seen a Veloster turbo with nav headlights and the non-turbo mirrors

  8. In the words of dean Winchester "you know who wears sunglasses inside?... Douchebags"

  9. I love the vaporwave aesthetic this gives off you did an amazing job

  10. Look for a 19 turbo if u want the apple car play or android auto

  11. I don't know how far you are into the game but you need to continue with the story line.

  12. Yea I missed part of that step and fell into the boss area on my first run through and figured it out last night on my second run

  13. Beautiful... I just got mine hpa ready and got the set up it's so much fun

  14. Awe hell yea imma be on purple colony but I'd be down for a secret alliance lol

  15. Do you have any more details on what didnโ€™t work cause I feel like another 5.1 slide should work to replace mine.

  16. just did some digging on evike and people are saying La capa customs would have replacement slides that fits so give that a shot cause it is a 5.1 hi-capa

  17. Np if you have luck please dm me cause id live to get a new slide too

  18. Krytac is a good company they are a 'higher end' brand cause all metal and they include the MOSFET from factory modifying internals can be a bit tricky but over all good guns I've had my pdw for 4 years now

  19. I didn't know my arc survival evolved character could be real lmao

  20. Man... I saw the g11 and got a little hype but it's just a kit. love the collection tho

  21. Great deal on the gun I've had mine for 3 years and after wear and tear and loaning it to a few friends it broke so I need a new slide for it. You'll love it tho it's a work horse of a hi-capa

  22. God you got all that and your not gonna run hpa? [Edit love the gun just curious]

  23. I could if I wanted to, but I run it with a HPA bolt action gun, so would rather not have 2 lines to get tangled.

  24. But it is not aggressive. It is and always will be a 4 cylinder front wheel drive car. Again, you have the benefit that it already looks fantastic and does have a little kick. Why waste the money and stuff like that? Not to mention you just seriously de valued the car. You might make even it unsellable and in 5 years that dodgy exhaust might be sagging down an inch or two, but you now have to drive it until it is dead or your basically give it away. Why not put that money aside for an actual legit performance car someday?

  25. That's your opinion and it's all plug and play so if it doesn't work or look good then I can take it off... Also it's my car so not to be rude who cares what you think

  26. I do not understand why someone would get one on a newer car that does not need one. It is just a noise maker at this point. Been down voted before but the dumbest thing you can do to a car is make it look or sound like something it is not. Your car is beautiful and performs very well. Tint the windows and leave it alone. This is not the 90s and you do not have a civic.

  27. It's the 2019 turbo and I just want it to sound a little more aggressive which is why I already got a borla exhaust picked out and the bov helps with pressure relief on the turbo

  28. Well it's my second car ever and I've had my eye on the Veloster for awhile it's just hard when your getting $13 an hour but I recently got a better job and could finally afford it

  29. Yea I specifically wanted the turbo in white the sunroof was just a bonus lol

  30. The zeonic Toyota I remember seeing the ads for this when Gundam origin was airing

  31. Personally I think the civic type r would fit better with gundam theme wrap

  32. See I was waiting for them to do a Gundam one but they never did...

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