1. In order to plant pass seeds, you need to have 25 seeds. They can only be planted in a 25 acre field in your equestrian centre. You need to use manure on them when you plant them. They need to be planted in autumn. You can get pass seeds through events.

  2. Hadn’t realised it was so specifically written, even though you can fish everywhere with it. Imagine if there were set region licenses and you got a fine for fishing where you didn’t have one.

  3. as a small man myself, i am so so excited to see licha stand next to him

  4. I too thought they said they were permanently retiring them last time they were here. I was surprised to see them coming back.

  5. Jarlaheim. I find it quite difficult to navigate around there. Possibly widening the paths/improving the spacing between the buildings would suffice though. Just to make it easier to see where you’re going.

  6. There's a myth I see a lot that if you feed your snake in their enclosure, you're training them to have some sort of Pavlovian response to strike every time you open up the enclosure, meaning you won't be able to handle them anymore. This is obviously giving the snake too much credit as a visual learner and/or assuming everyone has hands that smell like rat carcass all the time. 😂

  7. Would putting the mouse in with tongs instead of your hands not help prevent them associating it with your hands anyway? Or, opening the enclosure for more than just feeding?

  8. I didn’t like it much either, it feels oddly imprecise.

  9. I think a Pedigree/Purina sponsorship would be reasonably funny

  10. I keep saying about wanting a toggle option for several features in this game but a button to have the horse either ride with a low head or a higher head would be nice for this breed. So when you wanted to do some Western riding, it would be able to drop its head but pick it up otherwise if you wanted.

  11. I worry this may come under a ‘this is an unsupported breed’ response from SSO as they are from the previous gen

  12. The mustangs should be fixed. They have NOT been removed from the game yet, and only horses that have been removed carry the “will not be supported by any bugfixes” saying. Either way, even if it was a removed horse, it really should be fixed.

  13. I don’t disagree with you that it should be fixed. I think if its in the game, it should be maintained. Maybe I was mistaken in thinking there is a note on Gen 2 horses that specifies they are no longer fixed, I may be confused with ones that were leaving the game. On a little info card next to where it says what gen the horse is. Was that just on the end of run horses?

  14. Cavani spiking the VAR screen. I love the matador

  15. That absolutely cracked me up. That and Lukaku punching out the panel from one of the shelters.

  16. This community in general seems to lack the ability to look up things for themselves.

  17. Sometimes a question could be answered by a quick scroll through this subreddit instead of being asked again. It would be quicker than waiting for someone to answer as well 😓

  18. or a little donkey (like the ones you find for mary)

  19. Given they have those renders and a follow code for the donkeys, it feels completely possible they could do this. I still hope for rideable donkeys too

  20. its spightly off topic but i’ve always hoped they’d add mules some day. i think that would be so cool

  21. mules would be absolutely perfect. would love a big brown draft mule the most i think

  22. Lush gift set and some pyjamas. I asked like a thousand times what she wanted and eventually said pyjamas

  23. Love a tunnocks caramel but near impossible to chew them

  24. The magic horses are exactly what I wanted. I am so so happy about it. The perma-snow design as the magic for the icelandic will make it an almost permanent dino valley horse. And the unicorn is perfect. Its not overstated. Its got a bit of sparkle to it but overall its a classic unicorn, little beard and cloven hooves, like the ones I would see in story books as a kid. I love it

  25. It has a little chin beard. This is perfection. I feel this would be nice as a dark dapple grey personally. I hope it leans more natural in appearance than overly flamboyant with colour, or that we have multiple choices, but presuming this is a magic horse, doesn’t seem likely

  26. Man if it isn't any shade of pink or pinkish purple I'm in.

  27. I’d love black and gold but the last years Christmas horses were roughly themed around black/white/gold so I’m not sure we’ll get it 😔

  28. Have you checked your purchase history on Star Stable itself? That should have time and date reciepts you can measure against the transactions

  29. I think this would be a good fit. Less complex than Planet Zoo, cute designs and little quests to fill out. The morality aspect might be a little harder. Personally I struggle to max out positive morality because it can be hard to meet all the requirements.

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