1. No button stamp, Big E red tab but with an overlock stitch and no selvedge. Gotta be fakes. Still a cool unique pair.

  2. To add to the other comment, your jeans should either have a patch on the inside of the waist that says "Levi's Premium" or something that says "Levi's Vintage Clothing" (ie, LVC).

  3. Shrinkage on vintage Levi's is all over the place. I have some that have shrunk a lot and others barely at all. So the size is really unreliable for knowing if they will fit.

  4. These look sketchy. Care tags and big E rarely go together. Plus early care tags looked nothing like the one in those jeans. Multiple languages and care symbols don't show up on US made Levi's until much much later.

  5. I don't know the brand, but if you search on Google there is a database that has the women's garment union tags and each time period they are from. That may give you a time period. Last time I needed to date something it was helpful.

  6. Nope, once the car is totaled by an insurance company the vehicle is worthless. Not sure if you can just sell it out of state or not.

  7. In my area none of the Goodwills allow their employees or immediate family to shop at the goodwill where they work. Shady stuff still happens.

  8. All mine has is garbage. Supposedly all goes online.. but like, why are you proud of that?

  9. We have so much turnover in our local GWs that stuff slips through constantly. It's either that or they just DGAF. Found a coach bag a couple months ago and some rare pyrex dishes last month. Tons of other stuff that they probably wouldn't know to look for. 90% of my flips come from in store purchasing at Goodwill and I clear about $1k a month after fees and COG.

  10. Late 90’s or early 2000’s. In the late 70’s we wore either 505 or 501s. All 100% cotton.

  11. There are a ton of odd models in the 70s. Red tabs were mostly 501, 505, maybe 517(not sure when it started). But there is a massive variety of orange tabs and other color tabs like this one.

  12. Well. I am no expert, just can go by my personal experience. Traditional Levi’s were worn. For a high waisted, flared look Dittos were super popular. They came in all colors.

  13. I am by no means an expert either. And as soon as someone thinks they are, they will see a pair that completely breaks the rules they thought were reliable. Here is a pair that I sold a while back. Men's flared Levi's from 1979. Orange tabs, but they had a metal batwing logo, embroidery, and no patch.

  14. My advice would be to avoid china unless you find a really good set for dirt cheap. That stuff sits forever in my experience.

  15. I haven't sold it yet, but I got a Ralph Lauren bouillotte lamp for free at a neighborhood yard sale. This lady was dragging stuff out of her basement and just putting it on a table for free. As we were walking by she set two lamps down. One was a brass lamp and the other a hand painted asian lamp.

  16. The slowness of the GSP works in the seller's interest, does it not?

  17. Just because you had a bad experience with a seller doesn't mean that all sellers that ship via GSP are out to scam their buyers.

  18. The only downvotes are by sellers, figures. Fact remains: GSP sucks for buyers.

  19. You are on a flipping sub. Most of the people here are sellers of some sort, so it is kind of expected.

  20. Look at eBay sold listings. Anything that has sold for 10-20x what the majority have sold for, are fake sales or money-laundering.

  21. We recycle things and preserve things that would otherwise be landfill. I think of it as preserving beauty and history and sending it out to all corners of the world.

  22. Also how I look at it and will vehemently argue that point. The negativity that surrounds flipping is mostly based on virtue signaling or on scalpers. The vast majority of flipping I do is on vintage clothing that may or may not have found a home and then ends up in a landfill if it doesn't. Plus, when I pick up a hard to find item, I then get that item to someone who will cherish it and likely keep it for years or decades.

  23. Thanks, this is the first I have seen the Silvertab Lean cut. Seems similar to a slightly looser 501. I also picked up a pair 1992 tan 501s for $3 at the same sale.

  24. I'll guess that the "890" = August 1990

  25. Just looked at Offerup/Next Door, I'd be more comfortable using apps like that than the more "classified" approach like FBMP and C-List, where there's virtually no record of the transaction.

  26. Everyone can choose to sell or operate how they prefer, but if you only allow them to pay in cash and also take screenshots of all communication, then you shouldn't need to worry about a record of it.

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