1. If you find a dry kibble that your picky Heeler likes: let me know. I’m in a similar boat.

  2. I got a heeler puppy towards the end of July. The breeder I got him from was using Purina Pro plan. I currently have him on Natural balance chicken and rice for puppies and he loves it so far.

  3. Looks very different from their site pictures. Looks really good, thank you for sharing!

  4. I haven’t played in months but my boi Blastoise should be higher :(

  5. It’s the default “It’s a trap!” And “Gank!” For me

  6. You can only hold so much. What you can’t carry should be stored in your mail.

  7. Rd1 online had friendly server options. I wish they would do something similar for this game.

  8. Keep in mind, since both are Multiplication, the order they are applied doesn't matter. N x2 x3 = N x3 x2 = N x6

  9. I’m also seeing fades in the foils as well as random misprints like ink dots etc

  10. If you can buy enough gold for a role I recommend getting bounty hunting. You earn a bit of gold for each bounty poster you do. Treasure maps also get you close to one gold bar. You get treasure maps as you level up. One of my friends decided he wanted to get back into the game, he did all his treasure maps and then spammed some bounties and was able to go from 5 gold bars to almost 30 in about a week.

  11. https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/22-10-20-slK-otrimi/?cb=1603379872

  12. If they made the new game mode a newer version of the undead nightmare zombie mode, I’d be happy. I do not understand why they didn’t.

  13. Done. It's only problem was as a companion. No reason to ban him as commander.

  14. Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this.

  15. The only moonshine mission where you’re on a boat puts you in a solo lobby so it doesn’t seem like they were doing a mission

  16. Maybe something like [[Tidal barracuda]] to keep opponents from casting on your turn?

  17. Good one! Sadly won't fall into my colours. (Esper) But I'll keep that in mind for other decks.

  18. Could you [[Deflecting swat]] this to give another one of your cheaters the +X/+X?

  19. Something that I haven't seen down in the comments in my quick scan is simply that most decks do not run any counterplay to infect. Most decks have a little bit of lifegain, ways to destroy auras, etc., but most decks don't run any way to remove play against poison counters, and since usually only one person is playing infect, it often feels like they are playing a completely different game than the other two opponents, and it's a game you don't really have a way to interact with other than just trying to destroy / block creatures.

  20. I’m still a fairly new player. My first time playing against infect was against my boyfriends [[Atraxa]], he played this one creature that gave me an infect counter when it entered the battlefield and then he was able to proliferate the counter until he ultimately won. I think I was playing one of my 2020 precons. I just hated how I couldn’t really do anything to stop the infect.

  21. I've also had some good Ugin luck! Upvoting to spread the ugin luck!

  22. Same! The only card I really wanted from 2021 was ugin, luckily I had some of that ugin luck xD

  23. A proxy is essentially a home-made stand-in for a card you don't have. It can take the form of writing "Mana crypt" on a junk card in Sharpie, a print from your home printer, or a professionally made copy. I made a bunch of expensive cards I'll never dream of owning with the third option.

  24. Oh okay! Thank you for explaining it for me! It does sound silly to me too but to each their own I suppose

  25. I’m sorry I forgot to mention it’s a commander deck. Im still new to the game and wasn’t sure if it was included as it’s color identity because it’s not an activated ability and you don’t have to use those colors to cast it. Thank you though!

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