1. I know a fundamentalist and he's been convinced that "god's wrath" is going to "pour out" in just about one year's time. His belief is driven by many things, but the dual eclipses that draw an "X" over America (one happened in October, the next is in April) has him all but certain that his timing is spot on. He conveniently ignores all the past dates that have been come and gone without any such event, as is typical.

  2. This might be one of the first lists that didn't include Software Engineer/Web Developer

  3. It’ll definitely impact SWE. I use ai for work. It’s not good enough to replace a senior but it can def save me time. It might actually make seniors productive enough to lower the need for entry level engineers. Not enough to eliminate junior roles. But I can definitely see an impact there happening.

  4. I'm a dev/programmer. I use it daily, as well. In it's current state, it's not a suitable replacement for anything that requires strategy, logic, reason, context and awareness...which is the majority of the job. I don't need a task runner to really change the game up, I need a sentient individual that doesn't need constant prompting and subsequent verification for everything that is produced. As it stands, that's what a Jr Dev . Coding is a fraction of the actual work that happens throughout the day. A Jr dev using GPT4, on the other hand...that's 🤌🏻.

  5. He's from Australia, have you seen with they deal with on a day to day basis? Not sure if luck has anything to do with it.

  6. I feel like we are somehow reliving the late 1800s through the 1950s, metaphorically speaking. Pseudo science is everywhere. extreme nationalism is everywhere. weird new cults are rapidly taking shape, etc.

  7. IMO, a significant percentage of people have never changed or evolved for hundreds of thousands of years, but society through technology just got better at hiding that fact. And now, ironically, it's bringing that fact back to the forefront.

  8. AI images looked smoother and less detailed if that makes sense. As if the photos were excessively airbrushed. Still, it’s only a matter of time before they’re impossible to tell apart.

  9. Also the framing of the shots...AI images are so "centered" with the subject almost always looking at the camera with the focal point being in the forefront. That was the biggest giveaway for me in many of the shots.

  10. Developing AI tools is cool and your question is very interesting. Yet, I was initially quite confident that people won’t loose their self-determination due to AI and I must say your post scares me a lot. Why asking an algorithm to judge your appearance ? Sorry but changing you appearance according to the AIs “opinion” is a pretty deranged thing to do.

  11. I also thought the idea of asking an inert and dead algorithm that only can recognize patterns about how they "look" to show how much they don't understand the tech they're using. It's weird, just because we cracked the "language model" and it can respond coherently, users suddenly imbue it with sentience, awareness and decision-making.

  12. First off the government would never allow that, without being able to tax income it would collapse.

  13. Can't believe how far I had to scroll for the #1 right answer. ChatGPT instances don't pay taxes. Huge corps take advantage of loopholes. Without taxes, the big boys go down with the ship. Simply will not be allowed to happen. Shit, we could probably automate way more jobs across many blue collar industries already well before the latest Machine Learning advancements, but we don't because it would remove a major pillar of the economy.

  14. As a programmer who uses "AI" (I assume you mean an LLM-based machine learning application) daily as a coding companion...lolol no way in hell. These things are just natural language calculators and need constant double checking and verification. I'm not saying they can't be useful, but you're talking about treating it as a source of truth. That's a horrific proposition. They are "interactive documentation", and should be used for research, not trusted diagnosis.

  15. See, now I think overall the turn signal use here is better than say West Palm Beach FL, where I'm pretty sure at this point they don't even put turn signals on vehicles.

  16. Ah yes, this is really common with, you know, every human driver on the planet.

  17. This is a bot or troll account that comes to this subreddit regularly to spread Gary Marcus-level negativity about AI.

  18. Yes, anything based in reality and empirical evidence is "trolling" to kids masturbating furiously to the thought of an AGI girlfriend

  19. Forgiveness and unconditional love is for your well-being, not just others.

  20. Yeah I love this sub as well. It’s super chill and I love that

  21. 💯 Although, Jimmy Eat World is absolutely not a Pop Punk band, and I will die on this hill.

  22. Also, read the short story it was based on: “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang.

  23. I did not know that, and was reading his collection of short stories last month. When I got to that one, I thought "Huh, this sounds so much like the movie Arrival!"

  24. Not the user you're asking, but GPT3.5 compared to GPT4 is not in the same universe. ChatGPT (3.5) is a chatbot that while it can provide some coding assistance, GPT4 is a data-to-text model that is like a pair programmer. Not perfect, but light years ahead of 3.5. I highly recommend signing up for GPT4 (once they open premium sign ups again). I've been using it since it dropped and it's really gone a long way in assisting me in leveling up my skills in a much shorter order; best learning tool I've ever used, hands down.

  25. Check out Godzilla Minus 1. Excellent film.

  26. I've never wanted to see a Godzilla movie, but I really, really want to see that one!

  27. They're under-documented and absent from the new documentation, but many popular libraries depend on callbackRefs. Using them is perfectly fine.

  28. Ok, this is what I pretty much suspected. I have a couple use cases for this that would clean up a couple useEffect instances, so I'm going to give it a shot. Thanks for the explanation!

  29. No coincidence right when Altman is back, they suddenly have "breakthrough technology".

  30. Maybe I'm just a philistine, but I find these gorgeous. It's clear many run-of-the-mill illustrators are on the chopping block (along with entry level coders, legal assistants, accountants & tax preparers, script writers, etc.)

  31. Sure hope not, because these are devoid of any inspiration. But could be cool for assets that you use to incorporate into graphics that actually have meaning and make sense. On their own, they are snorefests.

  32. Most threads and topics in this sub are complete hogwash. We still have just a fancy pattern recognition tool. No reason, no awareness, no sentience, no agency. All of which are unequivocally essential for even the most basic true artificial "intelligence". And spoiler: none of things are coming anytime soon, and is possibly never going to be solved, because synthetic sentience is pure science fiction.

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