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  1. Yeah it got so bad that Christmas was the only time they would serve chicken on the bone, and believe it or not I bought my BF a pair Nike's from my bone business

  2. This sentence went so many places, I don't even know where I am any longer.

  3. Just read the comments in here. Most residents that vote democrat will vote democrat no matter what just to "win" and shout how much they hate "orange man". Like trained seals.

  4. Never thought I'd see someone try and conflate the Blizzard with Trump, but here we are.

  5. The picture quality makes him look like a character from an early 2000s RTS giving me details for my next mission

  6. "Hey, V! My grandma made these cookies for you before she passed. I know you don't like sugar much, but it was a sweet gesture."

  7. Or C - they don't want to spend resources filtering out and removing these videos.

  8. You must be real fun at parties. This kind of attitude (at least, outwardly, and let’s be honest, the way you try to bait with it) isn’t really… helping anything?) I mean, I get it, you’re a materialist, but that doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to irk people with the fact. I honestly wonder why you do it, but hey, it’s not my place to judge.

  9. I'm in no way a materialist (I think the brain is a receiver of consciousness, not a generator of it), I just think Christianity is complete nonsense and has been definitively proven to be nonsense. If someone wants to believe in it because it makes them feel somewhat secure in an uncertain world, they can have at it...with the understanding it's still nonsense. It's done little to no good for the world and it's exclusionary principles (most believers thing it's the "only way" to "heaven") continue to harm society in innumerable ways. Which is unfortunate, because it's...nonsense mythology.

  10. I actually agree with your whole thing about the brain. As for your other points? I disagree, obviously. Not really here to argue, but the way you go about things, all you’re doing is alienating and galvanizing people; I would hope that’s not your intent. And you’d be surprised about me, in that yeah, I have a good amount of problems with the ‘holier than thou gated community’ style Christianity too, but personal experience, historical evidence (ha, see, works both ways) and if anything, optimism, are the reasons for my faith. If you’re curious about specifics, shoot me a PM.

  11. I don't really care much...I honestly think Christianity as a whole is a net-negative and think it's important to speak out against it and expose it for what it is (an apocalyptic/doomsday cult). I've studied it deeply, studied Christian Eschatology (you mentioned Preterism, but have also studied the others like Amillennialism, Postmillennialism, Historic premillennialism, Dispensationalism, etc..) I have Christian friends (who know how I feel) and have a colleague who is a fundamentalist that ascribes to Premillennialism (surprise, surprise) and we have active debates around the topic. He, of course, is expecting the tribulation to start *checks notes* next year (never mind the fact that he said it was going to happen in 2017/2018 with the

  12. It's like you've never taken a walk through a forest in your life, if you think death isn't essential to the propagation of life.

  13. Not sure what you're on about, but no, I wasn't thinking of this in any kind of supernatural, mystic or religious sense. Death is essential for life, as demonstrated by.........every single thing, ever, to exist in the first place?

  14. Walton woods. Reinstein woods. Clarence bike path. Go out for wings and a beef on weck.

  15. Go to Delaware Park/Hoyt Lake, Elmwood Village and Canalside. All in the city of Buffalo and awesome spots

  16. So, have you heard about pilots dropping mid-flight? People 16-40 death rates since vaccination up over 40 percent. And that wasn't covid.

  17. "despite the negative press covfefe" he was trying to type "coverage"

  18. Woooow, I love this otherworldly vibe. One question: why does it have such a hand drawn feel to it? It almost looks like a very detailed colored pencil drawing

  19. High Dynamic Range photography. It can look surreal when cranked up, but this is a great example of balanced HDR.

  20. Make them look human, sure, but then just take a blood test or something. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out. Somehow they're also supposed to be super strong, but you can't tell that from a simple physical examination?

  21. That education is just best guess and it's more to try answer the question there's no proof as you are I were not around to document it like we can now.

  22. But we do know. Through methods that people who are clearly so, so, so much smarter than you have figured out. Just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean it's not objective truth.

  23. Literally got upwards of 8 feet of snow within a month and they’re complaining that it’s clear skies, sunny, and high 70’s to mid 80’s for 2-3 weeks straight. They can go kick rocks and shovel for 12 hours straight and pretend like we didn’t earn this beautiful weather this year.

  24. I imagine most of them have just never left WNY. I've lived in all four corners of the country. Weather sucks everywhere, for different reasons. If you want the closest thing to weather "perfection", go pay $3k+ a month for a studio apartment in San Diego.

  25. I lived in Denver the past two years before moving home. People really do not understand how good we actually have it here. Beaches, a massive body of water, rolling hills, ski country, mountains a few hours east, major cities in every direction, affordable home prices, decent paying jobs, the summers here are immaculate compared to Denver. Our fall here is beautiful, the bar scene is amazing, the concerts, culture, and diversity is so much more rich. We’re literally walking distance to Canada. Our food here is some of the best in the country. We have suburbs all around with every different walk of life. Like.. They literally have no idea how great it is here compared to other places. So glad I left and realized what we had here and came back.

  26. I completely agree. As I said, I've lived all around and Buffalo has been one of the most diverse and enjoyable places I've lived, even with the harsh winters factored in. Fact is, you either suffer in the summer or suffer in the winter, and then usually the other seasons are a toss-up. We left the west because the winters were gray and boring (very little snow), and the summers are now choked out with smoke and living with the ever-present risk of a wildfire taking out your town (which is what happened to the

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