1. All 576i and 480i material will look better on a CRT because those resolutions aren't 1:1 scaleable to a 1080p or 4K display. Therefore you get ugly aliasing etc. you don't get on a CRT. Beside that, a good CRT has a contrast ratio coming close (if not as good) to a modern OLED therefore you don't miss anything on richness of the picture too

  2. Around here it is drying up very quickly. The small sets are still plenty but everything larger than 21 inch is getting rare. Most of the larger screens still available are useless 100Hz types (common in Europe). Good 50Hz sets are rare now, one or two in the week and then you need to drive 100 miles.

  3. Not really with cloths but I don't see how people can have accessories, ie watches, bracelets, hats, glasses. They are so distracting and I end up messing with them constantly and it's so distracting.

  4. When taking meds every day, it can take some days/few weeks were you feel worse than before without meds, as your brain/body adapt a bit to the meds. But not in the sense you need more and more and more. In my experience

  5. No, you're wife is the problem. Even if you were actually ugly (you don't)you don't deserve to get cheated

  6. Honestly there’s nothing wrong with the way he dresses

  7. Agree. I actually like the jacket on pic1. Nothing wrong having a own style that differs from most.

  8. I like how you look! Nice body, friendly face. Just my opinion but if you grow your hair longer you will be really hot!

  9. Why are all your shirts so tight around your neck? Fix that, it really makes u look like you have no neck. Honestly if you lose more weight and maybe cut your hair short, you’d look good. You have nice features, just need to lose weight and get a nice haircut. Also your posture is weird asf in pic 4

  10. Yes i see, I do like my shirts tight/highly close but probably I go too far with that.

  11. 8/10. Like 4 and 6 most. Outfit in 4 is just awesome and original. Your hair on 6 is cool and I like the tshirt! Simple but very nice look!

  12. I recommend to try turning down R DRV in the Service menu after writing down the initial value. This helped on my really worn Sony, if this one has a more worn tube as well. Turns whites from more pinkish to white/blueish. Changing color temp may help too. You could try adjusting brightness & possibly contrast down to see if that helps too.

  13. Most of the times you have three settings for one color, a high and low. I dont know for this exact set but many times high is called drive (red drive or RDR) and low is called cut-off. The cutoff set the black level for a color, it should match the other colors or you get tinting in dark picture. If you have just two of the three, then you need can adjust the third one by adjusting both the other ones.

  14. Did download the service manual for you to look into it. The vertical size can be adjusted with a potmeter that has the number vr576. I did not found the exact position but its a very simple set so I think it can be found easely.

  15. Not only a great crt but also some very awesome audio equipment!

  16. Thats a great looking little sony! That design we didnt had in Europe. Congratulations!

  17. If it were me printing this design I would not print black ink. I would let the black shirt show through. I would also print it with discharge ink to make it breathable. If using discharge ink the shirt would need to be 100% cotton.

  18. A print with that much solid area is known as a "sweat patch". It's uncomfortable to wear, cracks sooner than a normal print (no matter how well it's cured), and you feel it every time you brush your arms across it.

  19. Yeah I see what you mean by halftoning. You basically break up the image in dots with space between. Also thinking of distressing the design, keeping the vibrancy but having random holes and scratches in it.

  20. I cannot fill this in the survey but really like your designs but if I see those in a shop I will be thinking why no version with the large design on the front as i like it that way more!

  21. Shirt- Teen Hearts “People are snakes” I have it on backwards.

  22. I got it fixed by commenting out "dtoverlay=vc4-fkms-v3d" in the config file. I am not experienced enough to know exactly what it means, but the picture is perfectly now on my CRT

  23. As several have mentioned, this is known as a "sweatpatch" or a "bullet proof" print, especially since you printed the black parts. Plastisol ink doesn't breathe and also heats up in the sun, which makes a shirt with a big sweatpatch like this heavy and extremely uncomfortable to wear.

  24. Beautiful print, but that thing is going to be hotter than hell in warm weather.

  25. I am new to the world of screenprinting and I did some testing today, just trying to print a random part of a shirt. Where I did not had problems with green, I have with white.

  26. I found a tutorial for how to turn a normal neck T-shirt into a subtle v neck on YouTube. You basically cut down 1.75 inches and see the cut neckband cross cross into it. Similar idea to what you did but you don’t need a separate neck band.

  27. Yes I seen such a tutorial too! Going to try that one too with another shirt for sure!

  28. Any time I think of cutting into an existing garment I get anxious so, simple or not, I admire what you were able to do. You did well.

  29. Thanks! :) Maybe just try on something unimportant for you?

  30. I tried running an AMD with my Nividia's and had the same issues. I think I tried teamredminer on HiveOS for Linux and it worked. Wasn't satisfied with the speeds compared to my other cards so I did something else with it lol.

  31. Yess thnx guys! HiveOs works perfectly!! 30mh/s without overclocking. More than twice I got on windows with this gpu

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