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  1. You're so full of shit. Converse don't last for 6 years, not even close.

  2. I rarely honk the horn but in that case I would have been so irritated, I'd probably just lay on it

  3. Tf? You should put your head on straight, these liberals that you seem to hate are your neighbors

  4. Meltdowns over things like this are funny. You saw hate instead of laughter, despite the word "hilarious."

  5. Yes my single comment that someone has a shitty mindset is a "meltdown"

  6. Wrought iron has microscopic particals of glass within its grain structure. Aka you'll probably never see a wrought iron spring as it's quite brittle

  7. It's normal. Everyone thinks they pull 28 inches until they measure, and then they just think they measured it wrong somehow. 28 is pretty long for Mediterranean draw imo unless you're pretty tall or pull to the ear

  8. This is a sub which people discuss a life threatening illness and cause permanent changes to each own' s lives. It's less funny that you think when it happens to you or someone you know

  9. Where's the poll with none of the choices that I want to select

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