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  1. Did you normalize?I annual to work the steel, then I do 2 or 3 normalization cycles before the quench. Gotta shrink those crystals or else it's bound to break even if well tempered.

  2. 28 inches is pretty short for a long sword, that's a little small even for a bastard sword. ๐Ÿ˜‹ for forging, you only need to heat a few inches at a time, but in the end (heat treatment) you'll have to heat the entire blade at once. I use a custom sword oven to treat my sword blades. I see some people saying here that you should start small and make knives first. That's probably good advice, but it's not what I did. I wanted to make swords too and I jumped right into it and i have no regrets. If you are justhaving fun and think making swords sounds cool and it's just for yourself, you could probably just skip heattreatment and just wait till you're better atmaking them before concerning yourself with it, although your first few swords will be pretty soft and won't hold an edge or spring back to shape. You can do it! Have fun

  3. In my experience, the fire bricks are a little unnecessary behind ceramic wool, I use regular bricks so long as ceramic wool is covering them. However DO seal the ceramic wool. Very important

  4. The firebricks sit in front of the wool, I really wish I could post a picture. I also posted in

  5. Whatever you do with your bricks, make sure to seal the wool. Here's a pinned post on

  6. Crowbill is fucking amazing. Its ok if you dont like it but it wrecks face on cata. I assume you're playing on champion or less, when shit gets really really hard it absolutely shreds. That's where it shines.

  7. Time and patience. You will improve as you talk with others. Write and speak and, if you can, play music. You'll get better really soon! Don't forget to exercise and go outside!

  8. If the green bar is empty you won't physically hit anything. It's better to wait and tank a few hits than to spam attack.

  9. It looks like you might have to play with the oxygen/gas mix. It looks like there's way too much air In the mix IMO. For a quick choke put aluminium foil over 1 or 1 1/2 sides and see if that helps. If that doesn't work try to increase the gas velocity by removing the regulator temporarily (at least 30 psi regulator is recommended. Removing the regulator isn't dangerous as far as I'm aware) or reducing the size of the gas's tip diameter. Also, as some other has said this gas tip might be too far Into the pipe to properly suck air into it, which also messes with the air/gas mix. Making venturi burners are actually pretty finicky so just keep messing with it till you get it right

  10. And THAT'S where I drowned because I didn't know you could swim with your weapon drawn!

  11. The name somewhatdepends on it's country of origin/intended origin. Considering that it's definitely a 19th century sword, it could be just a hanger, Messer, cavalry saber, dussack, or just a homemade cool historical-ish European style saber. Also, it's crude design makes me think it was made for SCA or armoured fighting. What does it weigh?

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