Can someone please wish me a happy birthday

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  1. Omg that always stuck with me when she forced the girls to get those stupid cornrows when they were literally in TEARS

  2. Okay I tagged you. Doesn’t give me the option to report to mods

  3. Weird. I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve added another mod who is helping me, it doesn’t give me the option to delete the post?!

  4. What does TTH standfor? It's been so long I've been scared to ask

  5. Not sure about what happened to Ashley after she quit, but Jamie stayed friends with Kate. She was on a few episodes since the RV trip.

  6. Poor Jamie oh my god. The way Kate treated both her and Ashley was disgusting.

  7. Same! I recently started rewatching and it drives me nuts b

  8. Apropos of nothing, I ordered a Kate Gosselin wig and wore the itchy bitch to hand out candy. Thanks for creating this sub and giving me a chance to shine.

  9. Honestly I think she was awful the entire time, and Jon is no better. Those poor kids.

  10. Someone really needs to start a gosselin snark group because I’d join in seconds

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