1. I drew mine on a napkin and then had a graphic designer make it look not stupid. Glad I did, it’s on everything now and it looks nice.

  2. I have it on a tv at work and then at home. Am I fucked here?

  3. If you are subletting and don’t own your coop there isn’t much you can do.

  4. Is that cheap? I drive a 13 year old very average car with 170000 miles on it. Maybe that’s why.

  5. It’s a pretty interesting read for the most part. It won’t be the worst book you’ve ever read, if you read a lot. Go for it! It’s nice to know about things that you would like to debate over, if that’s your thing.

  6. I’d be so pissed to hear stuff like this if I were his doctor or on his rehab team or whatever.

  7. I’m a dad and I’m the only working parent and I’m not rich but also have zero debt. No mortgage or car payments or any of that so it helps.

  8. I’m in NYC and replaced the entire transmission in my 2020 Nissan Rogue this summer for $4500. I only did it because I bought the car for $2000 and had already put 60k miles on it and I figure with a new tranny I’ll get another few years out of it so it’s fine in the long run. But yeah, same year and I’m in a crazy expensive city.

  9. I believe the Ethical Humanist Society is maybe what you’re looking for. I grew up being taken to church every week, and youth group etc, and while I’m an atheist now I do miss the sense of community. Which, no matter what the people in this sub say, you can’t get without some sort of group. I mean it can be a hiking group too, or bowling or photography or whatever. But church was unique in that the community was people from all walks of life and different interests, so I get where you’re coming from.

  10. Wait is this the same guy that goes around punching women around greenpoint? Some dude hit me in the shoulder as I was walking into a bodega at Manhattan & India

  11. Projects/Hasids. Not a hip part of anywhere but it’s fine/you’ll be fine. And a short walk to lots of fun stuff.

  12. Definitely check out Oxa House. They have some of the best coffee beans ever there. I take all my friends who visit to go get coffee

  13. If you wanna get a membership / work out at Metropolitan gym I do deadlifts once a week during back day. I’d be happy to walk you through it.

  14. Spanking a buttcheek for discipline when a little demon is out of line is not the the same as beating a child for your own enjoyment..

  15. My dad didn’t hit me hard at all when I got spanked and it still made it so I flinched anytime his hands came near me as a kid. The severity doesn’t really make a difference. Don’t hit your kids. It doesn’t work.

  16. How do you deal with the growing population of children who are bringing guns to school, teens who te attacking strangers, adults who are shooting the masses, etc etc etc? Do we put them in “time out” to think about what they did?

  17. Nurture them and teach them self control when they’re little, and don’t hit them. By the time a teen is beating someone up they’re beyond a spanking.

  18. My kid is constantly going to bday parties where there are half a dozen pies.

  19. They’re only open Thur-Sun at a little walk up window and they’re incredible. Great bread too.

  20. I have had a .net for ten years and it’s been fine.

  21. It’s not butter. Do you not believe it’s not butter?

  22. I wish I could get one, but don't you need an outlet nearby? The bathroom in my apartment only had one as far away as possible.

  23. Hot ones don’t require power either. They just need to be close enough to your sink to attach to the hot water pipe.

  24. Ehhhh. Unless you have hot water recirculation it's gonna take at least a few seconds to warm up, so what's the point?

  25. You point the nozzle down for a sec till it warms up and then point it at your butthole. Dealing with amateurs here.

  26. House of Yes ran my friend's wedding (in a warehouse in LIC but it was all your people) and it was AMAZING. So unforgettable, beautiful, different and fun.

  27. I did the first two of these, a million years ago. Can’t believe it’s still a thing.

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