1. If I ever gave a fuck, I'd shave my nuts

  2. Surely you have a typo and did not mean to put Ante Up on here. ONE OF THE HARDEST SONGS EVER.

  3. K Rino - perpetual ascension

  4. As a fellow North Carolinian… why is cook out on here?

  5. Just a little winking butthole. Give her the old restart.

  6. Y’all use the term “classic” so loosely. Both have had good to very good albums. None have been classics.

  7. I need to check him and the roots out still, I haven't yet and it doesn't make sense considering my fav hip hop subgenre is jazz rap

  8. This kind of blows my mind here. Considering you are a fan of “jazz rap”. Black Thought is a top 10 MC and The Roots are a top 10 group. Wild you haven’t checked them out.

  9. Yeah, I need to like I said. I've checked out many jazz rap acts and just haven't gotten to the roots yet but I really need to get to it soon. To clarify, A tribe called quest is my fav group, I love DOOM too, Digable Planets, Kendrick, plus a bunch of other underground rappers who incorporate it.

  10. I’d suggest checking out Avantdale Bowling Club too.

  11. Well, where do you want to live, how much are you wanting to spend, do you commute to work, are you social?

  12. Roll my ass over and go back to sleep. I ain’t got time for that bullshit. I got work in the morning.

  13. Hygienic toileting practices are a leftist ploy to turn rough livin, hole shittin men into soft feminine men who like to wash their hands and probably even use soap

  14. It’s you’re. You librul, peach tea drankin, no pussy-havin, NPR listening, carpetbagger!!!

  15. Cunninglynguists - A Piece of Strange

  16. Foreign Exchange is so underrated.

  17. Lyrics: neither has that special lyrics but future writes/freestyles his own lyrics so future wins

  18. You can’t say on influence? We are talking about Dre here. One of the most influential musicians ever. Cmon man

  19. Dre is one of the Pioneers of Gangsta rap, samples, west coast sound, saying whatever you want on a record. Bringing some of the most succesful people to the top from Em, Snoop, 50, Nate Dogg, helping Xzibit career, Game, Kendrick he is probably the most influential person in the genre. And way ahead of his time when it comes to production

  20. Jimbo you got my mind in a jumble.

  21. How does one “route for the Duttons?”

  22. Great list with a little bit of everything.

  23. Have you been to Montana in the winter? Absolutely brutal conditions.

  24. If things got heated between lil baby and Tyson. Who would win….

  25. Imagine having basically Ja Morant and Luka Doncic and saying the difference is like MJ and Chris Dudley.

  26. The only thing that Lil Baby has on JID is popularity. JID is running away with everything else.

  27. Sounds like an emotional response. To say influence, discography, flow, and features isn’t debatable is a little biased.

  28. You’re not wrong. Baby’s last album was frustrating. JIDs had one of the best last year.

  29. +100. Someone had to say it. I've been a few times and almost always had great service, but the food is just ok and the steak particularly underwhelming and under seasoned. Objectively, great steak is very accessible at home with a little know-how and minimal investment, rendering most restaurant steak an overpriced disappointment

  30. Agreed. I can get great steak from Butchers Market or if I’m wanting to really splurge I order from Snake River or Flannery Beef online.

  31. A month into Covid I got a dry aged from butchers market that was staaaaaaank (in the best way 🤤). I guess the disruption in business meant they had some with a lot of extra age, because that thing was FUNKY

  32. Hope it was delicious dickdaddy

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