Senator Chris Murphy asking his fellow senators why they run for Senate if they aren't trying to help people

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  1. Never argue with a fool, onlookers can't tell the difference

  2. Most drug dealers are completely in denial about the harm they do to their communities.

  3. You don't think corporations and politicians harm their communities and are in denial about it?

  4. Has been getting me through workouts for 20 years

  5. Interesting little Easter egg in Oliver Stones JFK. Clay Davis(played by Tommy Lee Jones) mentions that his butler's real name is Frankie but the he calls him Smedley........ Smedley The Butler

  6. He delivers an eerily similar message in Shooter with Mark Wahlburg

  7. You people are so fucking stupid. It’s not about the number of pure Covid deaths, it’s the fact emergency rooms and hospitals nationwide were overwhelmed with the number of additional dying patients because of Covid. More car crash patients died because of Covid. More flu patients died because of Covid. More stroke and heart attack patients died because of Covid. The average Americans critical thinking is on the level of a fucking slug. Good lord.

  8. Rule number 1 when going to a call: make it to the call, DO NOT BECOME A CALL.

  9. Gene McCarthys, Swannie House, Gabriel’s Gate, Lennox Grill, Bada Bing to name a few.

  10. Great list here, I would add Doc Sullivan's and 911

  11. Gracie Law, she wanted to ride the ol' porkchop express.

  12. The briefing when Valchack wasn't hearing Frank Sobotka's name.

  13. You gonna help, huh? You gonna look out for me? You gonna look out for me, Sgt. Carver? You mean it? You gonna look out for me? You promise? You got my back, huh?

  14. Imagine being a gatekeeper for death quotes

  15. It's crazy to think this kid will know him as "Uncle Josh"

  16. I think this says plenty about how close Josh and Mitch are which I hadn't known beforehand. Just continues to speak to how great of a guy Josh is but also makes me like Mitch more, too, if they're friends to this level

  17. When you play the same position you spend a ton of time together

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