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  1. Starting to watch time gobble up my parent's generation and it's really beginning to get under my skin.

  2. A lot of my dad’s generation of movie stars are dying. And it’s sad seeing his reaction to them.

  3. “Has to do with Spider-Man I think” is probably the worst line of dialogue I’ve ever heard 😂

  4. The actor who plays him is insanely good with his facial expressions.

  5. I don’t know why I always get complimented for a mistake, such a wholesome community!

  6. Hopefully but I kinda doubt it. I don’t think it’ll be massively different to the Netflix show but probably a little lighter. As long as they don’t completely MCU-ify it with lame jokes and unnecessary quips.

  7. Definitely the most uneasy opening. Just a reminder that this movie essentially starts with girls getting trafficked and then includes FGM.

  8. That shot of all the girls screaming just before the title appears gave me chills. I really thought "holy shit are we in for a dark movie?". Sadly that wasn't really the case.

  9. First thing my buddy said when we were watching it was "I wish this was in theaters".

  10. If they genuinely are building to a Rock match at Mania. I don't think it matters at all if Reigns goes in champion or not. I think Drew winning at CATC is very much possible.

  11. I do wonder, outside of NXT UK and Drew who the hell do they have that will be able to draw a home crowd pop?

  12. I don't think it'll be yearly, but the word is they're expecting it to more or less sell out. Some of the ticket packages for this thing are extremely expensive and they've projected it to be one of their highest grossing events ever. So I'll highly doubt it'll be like "wow, that was fun, see you in another 20 years".

  13. Im not sure if its sold out. But I remember reading that it had the highest pre-sale in WWE history.

  14. I got the impression it was the Predators first hunt. Not just the first Predator hunt on earth but that particular Predators first time. Similar to the way Naru was performing a right of passage so was he.

  15. Definitely. This Predator didn’t look as experienced as the ones we’re used to seeing. It was awesome.

  16. It seemed to have an impatience in it's physicality that was distinguishing from the first Predator.

  17. Especially when he ran after the main character through that tall grass. I feel the older Predator would have stalked her.

  18. There’s literally no point. KSI might be in the crowd, other than that I highly doubt he’ll be a part of the show. Maybe a “Wayne Rooney punching Wade Barratt” moment 😂

  19. that's where i stand. Drew winning in front 70k UK fans would be sick and Cody dethroning Roman at WM would be an all time moment too

  20. A UK crowd during the first big PPV in yeeeears. Massive stadium. The pop would be one of the loudest ever probably especially if the roof is closed.

  21. I really enjoyed the movie. My biggest problem other than the Gorr screen time is Korg. Korg annoyed the fucking shit out of me. And I loved him in Rangarok and Endgame.

  22. Jake knows what he’s doing with this tweet. He knows KSI won’t take the fight this short notice because there’s no way the KSI vs Jake Paul fight wouldn’t be massively advertised and built up.

  23. Wasabi is a much better fight than Luke Bennet tho 😂😂

  24. You're telling me that movie is 3 hours long?

  25. I'm good, already wasn't overly interested just based on the portrayal of the riddler. This will go right along side The Joker as comic properties I just don't have interest in.

  26. I think review bombings are pretty common in franchises or stories that have a strong fandom. Star Trek Discovery is a great example: 36% audience score, 86% critic score. You can also see it on IMDb (look at the 1's):

  27. Captain Marvel is one of the biggest examples of this I think. It's not a great movie by any means, but I think its a lot better than the 6.8 rating it has.

  28. It currently has 230+ 1 star reviews, and based off other reviews and reactions I've seen of this movie I think its fair to assume it's being review bombed.

  29. Rise of the TMNT:The Movie coming out tomorrow and now, Mutant Mayhem next year? TMNT fans really eating good out here!

  30. Man Hollywood literally just do not care do they.

  31. I just hope the shows don’t become massively important to the movies. Because I much prefer watching a movie than a show. And I’m not too interested in most of the upcoming shows other than Daredevil.

  32. Boring and overused answer to these types of questions but: HULK.

  33. I think he's stayed pretty consistent. He's a smart-idiot I guess.

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