1. I hate that you can't turn on battery saver without sacrificing 120Hz refresh rate. Literally you can decide if you want lover your brightness by 10% but you cannot choose if you want to keep fluidity. Only reason I won't use battery saver....

  2. Yeah, same here. I'd use battery saver all the time if I could keep 120hz.

  3. theres still a handful of games left if you want one.

  4. I installed omv on a custom build PC 2 days ago and I had no issues other than the installer GUI being all garbled where I couldn't read it.

  5. You look like Chloe Grace Moretz from wish...

  6. When did you order your screwdriver? I ordered mine September 18th and haven't heard anything since.

  7. I ordered the black shaft one as well. How you like it? Does it feel high quality?

  8. When did you order your screwdriver? I got the same one, ordered September 18th and haven't heard anything since.

  9. Haven't had that problem, but as of 3 days ago I can no longer connect to Ethernet at all.

  10. I've had a similar issue. I purchased a new ethernet adapter and no change. I haven't opened a ticket yet but might do so now.

  11. I also purchased a new adapter, I havent received it. I also opened a ticket with support to see what they say and havent gotten a response yet. I really need it to be fixed because half of my network is down because it needs ethernet.

  12. I opened a ticket too. My phone system (Ooma) is on ethernet and I do need that where I live - sucky cell coverage and no landlines out here.

  13. I have no signal going to my switch as well. Doesn't even light up for some reason. Swapped cables and ports and the same thing happened.

  14. Really? Damn. It’s pretty large for a satellite I thought

  15. Well, they're only a couple kilometers in the sky and they're pretty big. Also helps spot them since there's 40-50 of them.

  16. Not even a year. Came out end of February 2022.

  17. When do you plan on getting the issue with crashing on Samsung devices when the navigation drawer is enabled resolved? The app crashes on launch when it's enabled. Started happening after the android 13 update btw.

  18. Don't know since only got it recently (few days ago) and i must say the battery is abysmal almost worse than my 6 year old 7 Plus.

  19. That's not good. I've been ending the day with 7 to 8 hours of screen on time with around 30% left.

  20. No. I keep my phone on 720p. Keeps heat down and improves battery and I can't notice a difference.

  21. I have a ryzen 7 5800x and a rtx 3080 and it lags a good bit on me too

  22. can you play mw2 mp without warzone update? My internet is slow af

  23. No. Cause it won't let you open the game without updating. At least on steam anyway.

  24. I tought they are gona be seperate downloads. Atleast thats what they stated. I understand about season update, that its nevessary, but warzone?

  25. They are if you don't have mw2. If you have mw2 then it's an update to the game to reduce file size. If you don't have mw2 then warzone 2.0 is 115gb or something. In my case on steam, I already have mw2 and warzone 2.0 just shows up as a dlc.

  26. so will we just have a big update on launch day or something?

  27. Ah. Gotcha. Hopefully it's not delayed too much.

  28. No problem. Hopefully they get it fixed soon. Tbh, just testing the game would've told them it's broken...

  29. i thought it has something to do with a recent game i downloaded so i removed FH5 and am currently redownloading.

  30. So, I went to the install directory and deleted the exe file and validated the files and it redownloaded 2.2gb and it launches now.

  31. When you selected it, was there a checkbox to blur/unblur it? Normally there's always some kind of checkbox.

  32. No. The wallpaper hasn't been blurred. Its been set for a little bit. Opening an app and closing the app seemed to have fixed it.

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