AITA for not giving my daughter her education fund money?

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AITA for causing my mother-in-law to take away some of my sister-in-law books?

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AITA for calling my wife ridiculous for saying that she won't attend my family's christmas over some stockings?

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  1. She's only ten years older than the daughter. She was 19 and the daughter was 9 and dad was already an old man. This is just bizarre

  2. Stop sleeping with him. My ex did this. I found out he used my weight gain during pregnancy as an excuse to cheat. You don't need an STI in top of your baby and divorce

  3. Yta. I get car sick. What if you had made an adult sick and didn't stop the car when an adult said to stop? Would an adult telling you matter more to you than a kid?

  4. Nta. Some states allow you to sue the mistress for a loss of martial assets.

  5. Certain tax credits like the child one from 2019 expired so you will owe more this year than in 2021.

  6. Yta if either had scholarships they could have withdrawn an equal amount out of the 529s penalty free in the year the scholarship was received. She can move the funds to a Roth IRA in 2024 if the accounts have been opened for 15 years. Keep the cash and fund her retirement.

  7. Nta. Pregnant dog owner here. My last pregnant i got depression and anxiety. Please tell her doctor

  8. I didn't consent to being a part of his kink and if this was my work place, I'd call HR and have his phone case banned.

  9. Yta. You have a very old school (borderline abusive) parenting style. I would strongly suggest looking into therapy and how to regulate your own emotions before it's too late. This was a major over reaction.

  10. If you are truly disabled, make the effort now to hire a lawyer and get on disability.

  11. I knew a family with the dad named John Smith Jr and the kids were john smith 1 John Smith 2 and John Smith 3. All of the kids had similar birthdays ( few days apart besides the year). The 2nd kid stole the 1st and 3rd identities. He had a warrant out for his arrest and that led to one of the other boys getting arrested! Its so hard to fix. I would strongly suggest changing your last name to your mom's maiden name to avoid confusion with the similar name. If you get married, you both will eventually have different last names but that could be a while.

  12. Do what keeps you safe. You are 16. Sometimes waiting to transition is the safe option. You will not be safe if your parents kick you out

  13. If she is undetectable she can't pass HIV onto her partner. There is 0% chance. If she is on meds, she can't pass it to the baby OR her partner

  14. You need to skip the party and attend a meeting. Your boyfriend needs to be more supportive of your sobriety or the relationship won't work. You need to prioritize yourself and surround yourself with supportive and sober people.

  15. Put a utma designation on the 529 or brokerage account so they can't be used for other people

  16. Yta. My aunt did this to me as a kid with a blink 182 CD. Her kids were only allowed to listen to Christian music. My folks also wouldn't let me read Harry Potter because of my aunt who thought it was evil. 16 is halfway to an adult. If you don't let kids grow, you stunt them as adults.

  17. Yta I was dating my husband for a year and engaged for 3 when my husband's mom added my son's photo to her mantle and created him a matching Christmas gnome to her other grandkids. She loves him and so does my husband.

  18. NTA. My husband wouldn't dare calling me anything remotely negative about me and especially not to me. You need to find a man that actually respects you. Without respect, there is zero chance of this relationship working. It's a divorce waiting to happen.

  19. Yeah, plenty of people have posted about putting down growth hormone deficiency as the indication for use, and not saying it's for IVF. That seems to work for many

  20. But the doctor prescribing is an IVF clinic. I was rejected

  21. Ahh I see. Were you rejected when you applied for the copay program? Or did the pharmacy filling your omnitrope reject your copay coupon?

  22. I was rejected when I applied to the manufacturer of omnitrope

  23. Yta. Calling her a fucking moron is abuse. Do you hate her? I would never call my husband a fucking moron. Does he sometimes make bad choices? Yes. But everyone does. It was a mistake and not even that big of one. Also she can't sue. It's in the terms.

  24. If you are in the US, her adopting you will mess up your FAFSA expected family contribution for college. You will earn less grants. If for anything, use money as an excuse.

  25. I am almost 7 weeks. I have been doing lovenox and Prednisone prior to my IUI. Prednisone makes me a bit cranky. Lovenox, no symptoms except bruising a tiny bit and more bleeding. I also take B6, unisome, and benedryl. I also did the IVIL infusions but refused the second (cost was 500!). The lovenox cost around 200. Prednisone cost like five bucks. I really do think lovenox and Prednisone made a difference.

  26. I didn't get a positive until 12 days post ovulation. I counted myself out. If you are out, I'm sorry

  27. Nta. He can get a divorce and then also have to get a full time job and parent 50% of the time. We don't have kids AND get everything we want. It's a sacrifice

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