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  1. While there has been evidence linked in the comments for account selling (see

  2. How was the writing team assembled? What was the timeline for development?

  3. Last I checked, flair texts would allow people to add any new reddit emojis to themselves (including the one we use for verified users) so we turned them off :/

  4. I thought we could message the mods to keep our flair text, but get the flair icon changed manually?

  5. There used to be a bot, but it is no longer working. We'll occasionally edit text for users that have a good reason for it.

  6. has anyone received test results from the 'Medicine man' *Jackson street* site (and went in monday or tuesday )? Just trying to gauge turn-around time so far.

  7. I went Tuesday at 4PM. Around 7PM last night, I could request my access code through

  8. This thread was removed for spreading misleading (or at best unconfirmed) information. According to

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