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  1. I can’t wait for the new one to open near me, I may never leave

  2. Sabres fans may disagree but I always thought this was the Sabres best look. The Goathead rocks.

  3. This fan doesn’t disagree. Best moment for the team in the last decade.

  4. Saw a guy masked up shoveling snow in his driveway yesterday. My god.

  5. enough will never be enough. people's compliance for two years is what is motivating the never-ending nature of the mandates and lockdowns. it will only end when people stop complying because the government will never stop on their own.

  6. People need to start rioting in the streets over this.

  7. We’ve been “on the brink” for two years now. Everything is always “overwhelmed”. But we’ve never gone over the brink, and if we didn’t with this, we never will.

  8. Lockdowns are not just to stop people from catching covid its to reduce infection rates, and in turn reduce people requiring ICU beds

  9. We’re two years into it. We’re done. It’s seasonal. Enough already.

  10. Somebody probably,put in a lot of overtime to make this chart!

  11. No it won’t. It will dilute those truly in need, and inflate the sky is falling Bs. You have to let go of “positive” as the metric since Covid will never end. We will always have newer and weaker strains. This is the new Flu. Zero cases is impossible. But treating someone in respiratory failure due to Covid, and also one who is asymptomatic in the hospital for a broken leg as the same is stupid and a basis for failed policy. True hospitalizations and deaths per capita is all that matters. This is just refusing to cede control.

  12. Which one of Marky’s Twitter bot commenters are you?

  13. You're getting downvoted but you're right. My mom says she's putting native American on her medical forms now because Tucker Carlson says hospitals are withholding treatment from white people in favor of minorites. He's a white supremacist piece of shit and Fox News is a white supremacist propaganda network

  14. I urge any village resident to email the board members and the mayor. This is an absolute waste of money and as residents we can't even speak out about it! The special board meeting tomorrow night is suspiciously not open for public comment. Focus on being the mayor of a 1 square mile village and stop worrying about political posturing that will kill people.

  15. i think you don't understand what "civil rights" means

  16. It’s where a game full of immature 15 year olds really starts to be put into perspective. When the first and sometimes only reaction to failure is trolling/hatred/negativity. I think Rizzo got to be like this too. Simply put? They’re too old for this shit. And I don’t say “too old” in a negative way. It’s just that they’ve matured and moved on past what the scene has become.

  17. What’s up with the cloud thing in pictures 5 and 6? I feel like it could be another pokemon like thundurus, landorus, and tornadus

  18. What the hell is going on with Palkia??? Also what are the Pokemon in pictures 5 and 6? Is it supposed to be a new gen 5 genie-adjacent pokemon or just a new form?

  19. If Deebo rips his first run for 22 yards I’ll be concerned

  20. Exactly. Shanny is smart enough to know what’s going to work…

  21. Oh wow here’s OP yet again to talk about how bad Brown is and how good a violent nutso socialist is

  22. Respect this. Allen, mahomes, bills, chiefs, doesn’t matter. One thing we can all unite around is Jackson is a major dongus

  23. Wait, so there’s only three weeks left of Disco this season? Feb 10, 17, 24th. Why did they bother cutting it off then? Do I have this right?

  24. Wasn't the rumor or story or whatever that Strikers hasn't gotten a sequel cause Nintendo was upset that Mario was angry in this game..? That they felt like angry Mario was bad for his very specific brand?

  25. Yes. And it’s carried over to literally everything (Paper Mario is a good example). We can’t have anything more than generic characters in Mario games now because games like Strikers had “too much” personality.

  26. I get that... I really 100% do. But it's up the individual to judge it, no?

  27. I guess Stefon Diggs is a shitty player too for immediately flying to Dallas to watch his brother play the day after his own game. /s

  28. Pretty sure being Anti Vax means that he deserves all the dumb jokes flung his way.

  29. Seattle isn't bad enough to use a dog to distract from the shitshow on the ice

  30. Yes, a lot of Wii U games had killer soundtracks. Woolly World's is fantastic. My favorite song is at the end of the game so I won't spoil it, but I'm also a big fan of

  31. That one special stage where you’re flying on the fabric and have to jump from piece to piece with that song in the background is chefs kiss

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