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  1. This looks more like an Atlanta style Vic than a battle car, but it would do battle from EAV to the West Side.

  2. OP's doctor is either a naturopath or a nut. Either way... Run.

  3. The winner has been randomly selected. Congratulations to

  4. Hasbro Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsaber Build Your Own Lightsaber kit.

  5. Close breed relative to the Up Dog commonly found in the Southeastern United States and California.

  6. I'd date ya! Your reddit profile suggests you're also a fiber artist, but that doesn't reel in the boys.

  7. SS. When did we become this generation of complacent little minions, just going through the motions without questioning things? Are we ever going to wake up to these manipulations or will we be allowed to be censored straight into the population reduction slaughterhouse, as outlined in the Georgia guidestones and in agenda 2030?

  8. The Georgia guide stones have 0 suggestions for how to reduce population. They actually suggest not to exceed a limit. There's lots of nonviolent ways to reduce population.

  9. I don't care about how many ways of reaching their population reducing numbers YOU think there are, I care about the one they're using on us right now.

  10. Oh... Cool... Which ones are those? Online dating and micro plastics?

  11. They're an actual white supremacist. This happened to me... But she was like a strong 7.

  12. That's what I've told others in the past, how the turn tables.

  13. Be brave and kiss who you want. There's no law against love.

  14. I thought so too, but his fb profile looks legit 🤷‍♀️

  15. Ngl I see where he’s coming from, but he’s saying it stupidly. Liking someone’s natural smell (pheromones) means that you’re genetically more compatible. I think.

  16. Apparently this sub hates the science of attraction.

  17. I also sleep naked and have a sword. Anyone breaking in will have a naked, screaming woman with a sword charging at them in the dark. Also, I'm white as snow so also glowing like a ghost.

  18. Do you need someone to test this with? Asking for a friend.

  19. What are Tinder Executives waiting for? To see if Tinder can also work as fully fledged Escort App? If not, then they need to get serious and do something about user identity verification.

  20. You can. Scroll to the bottom of a profile and it'll be in big red letters

  21. Thanks! I dug deeper yesterday after someone replied and saw this. I just don't like the fakers/scammers.

  22. This exactly. As one of the aforementioned disabled people, these would be a fucking game changer. Too bad I will never afford them at over $400...

  23. I was really limited mobility, needed to sit every 1/4 mile or so at one point. I got a folding tripod stool for camping so I could take breaks. They are like $30 online.

  24. This is my reason to watch YouTube! There were some amazing matches last year!

  25. I have a thing for hairy men, and originally I put it on my profile to attempt being 'quirky', but I took it off once I saw so many men writing about how they want a girl with a fat a** or oddly specific 'types'.

  26. I'm sensitive about how hairy I am, but a few ladies have made me feel better about it. Thanks for existing?

  27. I will never go on a hike with you. Going for a long walk is also pushing it. Actually, I generally hate exercise and the outdoors. My hobbies include watching reality tv and then discussing it on the internet.

  28. Put it out there, save people like me a swipe. If my match isn't actively weight lifting, running, or doing some form of exercise, it's not going to work.

  29. How did the tournament go? Any coverage on YouTube?

  30. 18 players, quite good to be the first time!! There are photos on the Gen42 social media! And I will upload a video on my channel at some point but work in progress 😁

  31. If I'd noticed it was you... I would have known. My life might slow down enough to solve the Hive AI mystery this year.

  32. I listened to it. The family is so against any restriction of calories, but also completely amazed at the writer's transformation. It's a strange double-think. How does the regular public think weight is lost?

  33. Imagine she said she is looking for a white man specifically

  34. And I'd reply with the exact thing I'm gonna say here: equal opportunity is for employment and education, be as selective for any reason you want in the bedroom.

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