My girlfriend (right) and I (left, trans 2y hrt) on New Year's Eve 💖✨

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You made me UwU.

  1. You’re beautiful and your eyes are so pretty!

  2. There’s not enough limbs or heads on that cat

  3. I would stockpile my freezer. I wait for them to ripen, then peel, smash and store in ziploc. That way they lie flat. I measure mine for our favorite banana bread which takes 3 bananas. Quick and easy to thaw then. Also are ready for smoothies, if frozen in ice cube trays. I use the big cube silicone trays.

  4. Just make sure to let them ripen before you freeze them! They should get good and spotty.

  5. I’ve found that out the hard way already many years ago 😝

  6. How is the banana situation the weakest link in every grocery delivery. It CANNOT be this difficult.

  7. Agreed, especially because the number of bananas in a “bunch” can vary anyway

  8. OP Is there some unit of measurement you can add to this shot so we can gain a sense of the scale of the items represented?

  9. How can one measure a measuring tool itself 🤔

  10. Lucky af. What are you gonna do with all of that?

  11. I see in my kitchen’s future: banana bread, banana pancakes, banana pudding….. I need more ideas. Though realistically I’ll try to offload at least half to friends and family

  12. it’s one banana, what could it cost, 10 dollars?

  13. Haha this is the exact opposite of that- “40 bananas, what could they cost, $0.68?”

  14. His face says “my children will hatch soon”

  15. I saw this today too!!! Bless you for asking, I was so curious

  16. I volunteered to help build one a few years ago. They had morning and afternoon timeslots and the afternoon worked better with my schedule. As I was signing in I heard someone on a megaphone say something like “congrats everyone! The playground is complete!” The morning crew erected all the playground equipment and the afternoon crew did cleanup and spread mulch for like 4 hours.

  17. So what I’ve learned after all the comments is that many many people knew KaBOOM was real and several of y’all even helped build some playgrounds with them! 😂

  18. Haha built one at a Boys and Girls Club in Orlando. Pretty accurate episode.

  19. Nice! Idk why the show pretends it’s a made-up thing then lol

  20. You’re a gorgeous couple and both look so happy 🥹!

  21. Hate to be the “just wait til…” person but. Just wait til he can play independently in his room. Only then will you know true heaven

  22. Let’s make positive “just wait til”‘s a trend please!

  23. What makes me mad is for the first ~10 days I played, EVERY.SINGLE. Shake of the dang globe unlocked some sticker/ the lights. So to suddenly have almost every single play be “not a winner” is such a contrast and kind of ruins it

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