1. Way better than mine turned out! I couldn't for the life of me get my d5300 to focus. Idk if it's because of the lens I was using or what. I was hoping I was going to get an awesome one like yours, but only got a "meh" one. Great job on the picture bud.

  2. Thank you! I had to manually focus using the live view and zooming in! Try doing that next time, I’m sure you’ll get better results!

  3. I actually disagree with Kyle Hunter. Lots of businesses can be started for 1k down. Honestly it really is all about the choices you make. Just gotta make the right ones.

  4. Bemom Homemaking…it’ll be posted this week….probably Wednesday. 😊

  5. I loved the video you made! You have such a special way of telling stories! I love how animated you are! Bravo!

  6. Wow is that even possible? Lol poor nfc north. What trash.

  7. I decided to lift my head up to the clear sky. Stars were sprinkled across the wild blue yonder. It was so majestic. Every dot in the sky was incomprehensible. I never witnessed true nature before, but at that very moment my eyes had opened. My awareness of the cosmos had increased significantly. Suddenly the chirps of the frogs ceased and the hooting of the owls had discontinued- in fact, sound was nonexistent. All of my senses had been engulfed by the space-time continuum. Time seemed to have abandoned me. The pastures beneath my feet grasped at my shoulders, slowly dragging me onto my back. It was as if I was becoming one of the millions of particles of the damp soil. I no longer abided to the laws of the universe. My eyes drifted above the canopy of the forest. I was now cognizant that I was staring face-to-face, eye-to-eye, with the immeasurable universe. ​The black velvet sheet of the heavens was torn asunder by the glistening pinpricks throughout. Viewing the vast emptiness of the universe, I was pondering whether I was important, if my own human life was even necessary. From Quantum foam to the Vergo Cluster, why the fuck did I exist? What was the reason for life? ​I laid in the grass for what seemed like hours, wondering why I was I. The universe almost mockingly stared at me, but I stared right back at it, searching for an answer. I was seeing as far away as the universe allowed, yet ultimately I was looking into the past. Alas, even light takes time to travel. But if one can only see into the past, how can one have a future? I asked myself. It seemed as if that was the question that would end me, but it did the exact opposite. My train of thought turned into a plane of thought. I was thinking clearly, and most definitely differently. By definition, I had an epiphany. I could feel the billions of nerve impulses traveling through every existing axon in my brain, zipping to my presynaptic membrane, which then released neurotransmitters to every synaptic cleft. Efficiently, every neurotransmitter was picked up by the receptors. My brain was on overdrive as electricity was surging through my dendrites; creating a coexisting overtone between the universe and I.

  8. It’s crazy to think about. The only other country that comes to mind that actually did that was Israel giving up Gaza in 2005 in hopes of peace. Look how that ended…. They just turned it into another area to drop bombs on Israel.

  9. I ended up picking it all up and throwing it in his recycling. It was two giant black bags worth of coke!

  10. Is it any comfort that all that Coke is slowly rotting their insides?

  11. It is actually. It gives me great comfort. Great comfort indeed.

  12. Yay! I love seeing another MN wolf lover. I lived in Idaho for a bit...that is not a wolf loving state...

  13. Haha dude! Wolves are the best! Glad we can love them together.

  14. Israel is nothing like Russia… wtf are you talking about?

  15. Honestly, I wish people like you learned a bit about the history. Israel isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot more complicated then you think.

  16. https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinteresting/comments/cu4993/these_huge_blueberries_i_found/

  17. Don’t space people have their own subreddit? It is enough with the space photos.

  18. It's crazy to think about how that gradient of light is actually a trillion stars that span 200,000 light years. That means the light we see from the closest part of that disc is 200,000 years younger than the light we see from the farthest part. So this isn't just a photo of objects, it's a photo of a gradient of time.

  19. Am I the only one that thinks the black lady was just being difficult? All she had to say was “okay” and then be done with it honestly.

  20. Yea, you’re the only one

  21. Like we are all just assuming that he only singled her out because she was black. There is no other context here. We don’t know if maybe he was going around to everyone, letting them know they can’t be there next week.

  22. Plumbing designer… I get $28.5 an hour. Been working there a few years. I went to school to be an architect… sigh.

  23. Kinda… although I am trying to start my own photography business now!

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