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  1. I felt sorry for her and still wanted her back a month ago. I thought I could have the woman I fell in love with. I wanted to prove how sorry I was.

  2. What did the drug dealer want? Are they putting you out in the community as someone who will pay off their drug debts?

  3. He says my wife has a "weed debt" she needs to pay, I asked her why she gave him our address and she says she didn't. More lies.

  4. I’ve been used horribly by people I love, it’s really best to cut them off. You deserve a lot better

  5. Homie can you squeeze all these updates into an edit or new post? Im invested af

  6. There are so many shitty people in the world unbelievable how this guy can’t even say well I don’t think I’m coming or let me explain, it’s the decent thing to do

  7. Are there any updates? How are you

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