1. Now we've left the EU we've been able to ban the import and export of shark fins and derived products.

  2. I don't think that compensates for us heading towards a recession, having product shortages and shortages of workers.

  3. shortages of workers is a good thing, businesses now have to train and pay more or face the consequences.

  4. Oups, au moins le nom de mon enfant est purement francophone pour me rattrapper. Je connaissais pas Reddit en créant mon compte et je savais pas qu'il y avait des communautés québécoises :(

  5. Yes well we know the "right thinking" people believe all white people are the same because they're racist.

  6. It's the other way round, when people say multiculturalism has failed they're not talking about Ukrainians or Poles or Romanians are they?

  7. I thought that Rwanda was an odd choice for this reason, the DRC and Rwanda... don't get along to put it mildly.

  8. Then Andrew Bridgen is a fucking moron, because he should know that anything said in the House of Commons is privileged. Absolute tit.

  9. Is it me or has this got the feeling of everything collapsing in on itself by the end of March with a forced GE as the Tories can't find a credible PM to replace Sunak?

  10. Horseshoe theory, isn't it. And I refuse to believe that Corbyn was anything other than a Brexiteer. He told Cameron to call Article 50 the day after the vote, FFS!

  11. The problem is, if the church try and argue that the Bible says that they shouldn't allow gay marriage, then we should probably insist that they don't allow all of the other things that the Bible doesn't allow either.

  12. That's nonsense though, while Exodus and Leviticus are both Old Testament, there are New Testament verses condemning it.

  13. I would point out, been an awful long time since I read the Bible because I'm an atheist and it was when I was young, but aren't the only parts of the NT that condemn it Paul?

  14. I don't know enough to say how much weight the epistles have, any Christians are welcome to clarify!

  15. I've seen one journo suggest that many of the current scandals – Johnson's loans, Zahawi's settlement, and the Home Office kidnapping issue – aren't new news, the information was produced some time ago, but the information is new to the public because Johnson supporters and Sunak supporters are engaging in briefing wars. The media are going to report it because important sources are handing stories to them.

  16. It's new information to the public so does it matter how old it actually is as far as the public perception is concerned?

  17. Say what you want about corbyn, he's still got people worried about him coming back and bringing him up at every opportunity 4 years later.

  18. People are still banging on about Brexit, Corbyn is like talking about the weather in comparison

  19. I'm hardly a Sunak apologist but who really gives a fuck? Not wearing a seat belt pales in comparison to all the skullduggery and sex parties Johnson was into.

  20. How many times does it have to be said that even if you change the model other countries still spend more than us

  21. c’est pas une « chocolatine » if that’s what you’re getting at ;)

  22. i’ve resigned myself to never having a pension so i’m blasé about the whole thing. im not in france, and my current country of residence has a plethora of problems, but i’d still sooner be here or in france or in many of the countries i’ve had the good fortune to visit over the past few years than in the uk

  23. she's still seething after people posted that video of her being booed by the p&o strikers

  24. I have it on good authority that there’s no teeth in the bill and no one has to worry, it’s all a nothing burger! /s

  25. How often do MPs vote to sit in private? I’ve not seen this before and missed the build up to the motion. Last I saw they were debating the strike bill? Anyone explain why they would go private and how that is accepted when their business is public interest?

  26. Can't help but think we'll see creep now the UK government has decided to block a Holyrood bill. Expect to hear at the next GE promises to block Holyrood legislation.

  27. Section 35 doesn't give you carte blanche to block a Bill, there are reasonable concerns that it would modify laws reserved to Westminster and have an "adverse effect" on how those laws apply.

  28. The Secretary General had a positive and productive meeting with UK Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Justice, Dominic Raab. Among the topics discussed were the UK’s ratification of the Istanbul Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, which came into force in the UK last November, and the implications of the Russian Federation’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine. The Secretary General and the Deputy Prime Minister also discussed the importance of the Council of Europe in the geopolitical situation and the ongoing relevance of the European Convention on Human Rights in the lead up to the organisation’s Fourth Summit, to be held in Iceland this May.

  29. I disagree, Starmer recently used the words 'Brexit purity cult', you'd never hear that from Sunak.

  30. grifter means you're trying to gain money or influence, meta (shit)posting is neither of those things.

  31. How the flying fuck can Laura "totally not biased" Kuenssberg actually get away with publishing this sort of bollocks on the BBC and still try to maintain she has an ounce of impartiality...